MYSTERY FLOWER IN THE WILD GARDEN . . . what is its name?

Bel’Occhio’s Wild Flower Garden

The mystery flower.   It flaunts its beauty and seduces the bees, then as the sun sets  tightly folds it blossoms and disappears.

It was the long talk with my friend, Oswald, gentleman rabbit,  that gave me the idea for this garden.  He is a master gardener and is responsible for all things growing.  He voiced his concern about the challenges facing bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.  Pesticides, climate change,  and the disappearances of their habitats in rural areas have drastically reduced their population.

We took a third of our vegetable garden and dedicated  it to wild flowers .   I thought I would  have some  dainty flowers growing wild and free in the breeze.   A few bees and butterflies, and the occasional hummingbird doing what they do best.    This outrageous, flamboyant display was a wonderful surprise and I am thrilled beyond belief.  It is my secret garden,  hidden from public viewing in the  quiet privacy of our vegetable garden.

Today I discovered  a brilliant, sapphire blue flower.  It took my breath away.   I searched my garden books but haven’t discovered its name.  I hope someone will know.

The mystery flower.


13 thoughts on “MYSTERY FLOWER IN THE WILD GARDEN . . . what is its name?

  1. I’m so jealous. I tried several years ago to seed wildflowers, as this is just the garden I love, but nary a one came up. Will try to find name for you.

    Hope all is well,



  2. Your mystery flower looks more like a painting with delicate brush strokes of yellow and white. I should have guessed Oswald was a Master Gardner and whispered this idea in your ear. May someone identify this blue jewel. I am sure we have nothing like it in Texas. Cheers!

    • Oh my dear dear Jo Nell. You have the magnificent Texas Blue Bells. My heart catches in my throat when I see photographs of them. Blue is one of my favorite flower colour. When I was in Scotland I fell in love with the wild bluebells growing at the side of the road. XXXOOO Virginia

    • You are absolutely right. It is having a lovely time in the wild flower garden. I am thrilled to know there is a Royal Ensign dwarf morning glory to greet me on my early morning trips to visit the garden. Thank you, you’re brilliant. Cheers Virginia

    • Dear Janet, This beauty in blue has been identified has a Royal Ensign dwarf Morning Glory. Doesn’t that sound important? I am in awe with this wild flower garden. I had no idea it would contain such rich colours and so many surprises. And all it took was a couple of packages of wild flower seeds and two packages of poppies. Cheers Virginia

  3. I thought immediately it was a morning glory. We have them on our house…..they are glorious. People call them “Invasive”! They can invade any time they want! Gorgeous!
    Where did you get the wildflower seeds? I want them!
    We suffered a debris flow that was not to believed. We are restored and amazed at how quickly nature returns….but we spread lots of California poppies all up the street (we are the only house left out of 12) but I would love to have all of those you have! I can spread all around!

    Thank you!!!

    • Dear Miss Penelope, The heart-stopping morning glories are called Royal Ensign Dwarf Morning Glory. I have checked and you can order the seeds on line. They are available from seed companies in both Canada and the United states. My wild flower mixture came from One package was marked Wild Flower Humming Birds, the second was Wild Flower Bees and Butterflies. They weren’t big packages. Judging by the open petal flowers I think the morning glories were in the Wild Flower Bee package. I scattered them willy-nilly in the garden with no idea what would grow. I hope this information will help you repair the damage you and your neighbors have suffered. Flowers have the ability to repair the suffering of our hearts and soul, and bring joy to our life. Cheers Virginia

  4. Yes, it’s a Royal Ensign Dwarf Morning Glory.
    Gorgeous, Virginia, just like you. I adore … nay love, your secret garden.
    We have a very small space here. We planted (4 years ago) Milkweed for the Monarch Butterflies.
    They are now laying eggs, and I saw my first baby Monarch. What joy! XOXOXOXO

    • Resa dear Resa, what a heart-stopping thrilling event. I don’t have a milkweed plant in this garden, but that is going to be changed next spring. I see Amazon sell a collection of varieties of milkweed. I am going to plant one section of the garden in these seeds and send invitations far wide to Monarch butterflies to come and enjoy. XXXOOO Virginia

      • Yay! Our milkweed is green and orange. Orange leaves and green flowers. 😉Just kidding! Green leaves and orange flowers. 😀

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