August 2019

French women have a saying “Vieillir un Privilége”  – To age is a privilege.    There is an art to aging well and dressing with style.    With advancing age great adventures begin.    Embrace them and be bold.  Be adventuresome.  Dazzle yourself and the world.    At this time of our lives dare to do anything you like and do it worth audacity.  This  ritual of dressing.  This dressing for life.  These years belong to you.  Life is short, make every moment count.

Less is less. More is not quite enough. Good taste is overrated.  Don’t wear beige.

Never, never live home without lipstick.

Determine what looks good on you and wear a variation every day.

To grow old is a privilege.  Flaunt a life well lived.  Do it with style.

And sex: never give up on it, in what ever shape or form.  It keeps the roses in your cheeks and the gleam in your eyes.

(Over six decades of being a fashion maven  has influenced my style of dressing.  I appreciate timeless, classic style. I  wear fashions I bought 45 years ago.   When in doubt I ask myself “what would Chanel wear”.   I dislike leggings.  They are simply tights with the feet cut off.  Tattoos.    Gray hair coloured with patches of pink or mauve.    They do  nothing for any women, but I defend to the end their right to their choices.)


  1. Love this advice! And love your fushia silk blouse. Color is such a boost. Some of the classic clothes I bought 30 years ago have never gone out of style. And there are few comparisons for sale out there now in terms of tailoring, lines, fabrics, quality. I just wish I hadn’t sold off all the Victorian and Edwardian pieces I brought back from abroad years ago. I thought I was too old to pull them off anymore, but I so enjoyed wearing them. It made me feel close to all the women who spent hours making them by hand…and earned pennies.

    • Gayle you are woman after my own heart. The quality of the majority of clothes available now cannot compare with those made in those long past years. I still have the evening gown I wore when I was 23 years old. It doesn’t fit me now (sigh). I treasure shop for couture fashions and vintage clothes at thrift shops and occasional make a splendid score. Thanks for the compliment on the blouse. It is one of my favs. Cheers Virginia

  2. Virginia, you are an inspiration to women of all ages. Classy looks never go out of style. These days I wear what make me feel good and forget about trends at my age. You carry off red lipstick and fushia blouse beautifully – a great photo of you. I agree, never got out of the house without lipstick! Hugs!

    • Dearest Jo Nell, I discovered the joys of using liquid lipstick. IT STAYS ON. I have a couple of different kinds. One type stays on no matter what. And it doesn’t leave souvenir lip imprint on your wine glass. I always feel quite dashing and daring with my stay on lips. Cheers Virginia

  3. Oh, I love this post, Virginia. You look fabulous. And I complete agree with your lipstick rule. Day and night, inside and outside the home, I enjoy sporting a spot of red. Do you have a favourite marque? Also, are you still wearing your silver shoes? Sending big hugs, Theadora (By the way, Lacome makes a fantastical matte liquid lipstick. I think it’s called the Matte Shaker.)

    • Dearest Miss T, I tried a couple of brands of liquid lipstick and presently am using Maybelline super stay 24 hour colour. It doesn’t come off when you eat, or leave lipstick on glasses or napkins. You do need make=up remover to take it off. I am going to check out Lancome mat liquid lipstick. I need an alternative to the shade of red I wear. And yes, yes I am wearing my silver shoes. And my white shoes. They look good with everything. Definite urban shoes – good for walking on pavement in style.
      What are the fashion mavens wearing in Paris this fall. XXXXOOOO Virginia

  4. I never leave home without lipstick, as well! Also, my closet is filled with pieces I adore, a few back to the 80’s.
    When I see young girls covered in tattoos, I wonder what that will look like 50 years?
    Love that pink blouse on you! XOXOXO

    • Dearest Resa. Yes oh yes… lipstick is the answer. As for fashions from the 80’s … I have a couple of gorgeous silk dresses from that era, and forty years later I can wear them. My Doctor wanted me to lose weight to help compensate for the damage done to my body by oral Chemo. I lost 37 pounds (and feeling better) and I am so happy I never gave those dresses away.XXXXOOOOXXXX Birginia

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