CHRISTMAS FRUIT CAKE . . . make it, bake it, enjoy it – the same day!

All is not lost if you didn’t have time for the ritual baking of Christmas cakes back in October.  This gorgeous fruitcake can be baked and savoured the same day.  Its  wonderful, spicy fragrance fills your home with an aroma this is pure Christmas.  It slices beautifully and the beguiling perfume of allspice, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg is perfection itself.

Last December I baked  this rich fruit cake  in a loaf tin.    This year I adjusted the recipe slightly and baked it as a traditional Christmas cake.     You have lee way as to the size of cake tin you use – any spring form pan between eight and ten inches.  Using a cake tin allows the cake to bake more evenly eliminating over-baked edges.   You simply adjust the  oven baking time.

The ingredients are  guidelines.  The recipe calls for candied mixed peel, cherries and dried apricots.  You could  use dried figs or dates.  Pecans, slivered almonds could replace the chopped walnuts.  The brandy decanter is empty –  substitute sherry or perhaps an exotic liqueur.  The recipe is so forgiving.

There is so much pressure surrounding the holiday season.  We need to be calm and take a step back.  Enjoy our family.  Glory in the season.  This fruitcake is more than the sum total of its parts.  Its very simplicity gives one a chance to take a breath and enjoy preparing  food for those we love.

The recipe for this simply wonderful bake it today Christmas cake awaits you on



6 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS FRUIT CAKE . . . make it, bake it, enjoy it – the same day!

  1. What a coincidence, Virginia! I picked up brandy today to make this cake in a few days. Last year I printed the recipe out and vowed to make it this year. Now all I will have to decide it loaf pan or spring form pan! Yesterday I made Christmas cookies and put them in the freezer and will decorate them later. There are tamales in the freezer too so I am getting closer to being ready for Christmas. Cheers! I will let you know how the fruit cake turns out. May have to make another one!

    • Dear Jo Nell. If you have a spring form pan… use it. My sister who is proficient baker found the density of the fruit caused a problem in the loaf pans. A little spongy in the middle and sorting that out caused the edges to become over-done. The traditional cakes were baked in square pans of different sizes (small to large). I thought there is the answer to the problem. The spring form cake pans bake a much better cake. The cake I baked today was in a 10 inch pan ( I needed a cake to serve a large number of people) However, my choice would be an 8 inch pan. . I have never made tamales, but tamales in the freezer sounds wonderful. Do let me know how your Christmas cakes turn out,. Happy Holidays, Virginia

      • The cake was a success! I used a 9 inch spring pan and can see why it would work better than a loaf pan as it makes a large cake. It was done in one hour. I used golden raisins instead of apricots. The nuts were a combination of walnuts and pecans. I used brandy instead of sherry and halved the icing recipe. We sampled it last night and Husband loved it – so did I. It may be my new holiday tradition – Virginia’s Fruitcake. Thanks for sharing this treasure! I will share some with my neighbor and freeze the rest for Christmas.

        I have never made tamales either. Homemade are the best but those are harder to find so I buy them year around at a place in Corpus Christi called ” Rosie’s Tamales.”

    • I enjoy Christmas cake. My sister makes the old fashioned kind. She bakes them in October. Wraps them in cheesecloth and once ever few weeks anoints them with brandy. I do enjoy them. But this newest recipe for fruitcake is my favourite. I am generous with the glace cherries and the servings. And, I don’t wait for Christmas to make it. Hugs, Virginia XXXOOO

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