Every December 21st Oswald, gentleman rabbit  marked the Winter Solstice with a wondrous party.    Once a year rabbits, big and small joined Oswald for the celebration  Rabbits are custodians and caretakers of all things growing.  This year the Friday  Solstice celebration was cancelled.  Instead  millions of  rabbits world wide  joined protests demanding emergency action on climate change.

Oswald watched and listened to the words of a child addressing world leaders.

“You are still not mature enough to tell it like it is – you are failing us. ” she said. ” How dare you – you have stolen my dreams and my childhood.”

“It has come this.” he thought.  “A child has the maturity and understanding they lack.  No country can claim to be doing their part.   No country can claim to be” the greatest” if they refuse to recognize the danger facing our world.  There will be no future for anyone.”

Outside his burrow, Oswald, gentleman rabbit,  quietly waited.  Then from the branch of the tallest tree a single bird sang.  The tiny bird sang of peace, compassion and understanding.  One by one from surrounding trees birds joined in song.  Louder and louder a song swooping, soaring climbing higher and higher until the very earth vibrated with its magnificence.

“Is anyone listening?” whispered Oswald.  “Does anyone care?”




  1. Thousands and thousands of us to your south join Oswald in his climate strike. Thank goodness for Greta her fearlessness about telling truth to power. I think she and other youths have helped the pendulum begin to swing back to caring about the earth and all of its inhabitants–even rabbits.

    • Time Magazine putting Greta on the cover was fabulous. She grabbed your heart. Wen hope she grabbed the hearts of politicians Gayle.
      Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a most splendid New Years, Cheers Virginia

    • Dearest Jo Nell, It was not a dignified act of a man let alone the president of a country. She is an extraordinary young lady. Every one of us, everywhere should follow her lead. I despair for future generations that follow us. Hugs, Virginia

  2. Oh, what a moving post. What an important post, Virginia. Oswald and Greta are my heroes. YES. Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg! Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. She is extraordinary. And her passion is contagious. (The BBC recently interviewed Greta’s father.) Big hugs, Theadora

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