This is the epitome of decadent desserts.  Deeply dark, warm chocolate cake served right out of the oven.  Warm chocolate cake is a dessert with an edgy  reputation for being a difficult production.  Many  recipes have you making the cake,  baking the cake, then serving the cake.   It is all too last minute.    Stressful for the hostess in the kitchen preparing the cake while dinner guests wait for dessert.

This is a straight forward recipe.  It requires a few ingredients.  The very best chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar and flour.  The secret to this gorgeous dessert is to MAKE IT AHEAD OF TIME.    One refrigerates the cakes for 24 hours before you bake them.

You bake the chocolate cakes for twelve to thirteen minutes.  The centres of the cake will feel soft and not quite fully set when you touch the centres.  The edges will be firmer.  This is the magic moment to pull your spectacular desserts out of the oven

You can serve these little darlings with a tiny sprinkle of fleur de sel (or flaky sea salt).     A generous scoop of cherry custard ice cream and you have a deconstructed Black Forest Cake.    When I want the dessert to be very very French I pour liberal lashings of my salted caramel sauce over the cake.


( Cake baking photographs courtesy W. Lloyd )




  1. A lovely post indeed! I stress that one (perhaps just me?) can never have enough chocolate in a well balanced diet. I must start making your recipes again, Aunt Jean, I mean the chocolate ones. Probably all of them!!! The last one I made was chocolate fudge brownie, I think. All I remember was that I did not have enough Walnuts to finish the recipe. I had about 12 Walnuts to make it with however it turned out stupendous none the less:)

    • Dear Jon, How wonderful to start the New Year hearing from you. When I write my blogs I think about the people reading my thoughts. The comments on my blogs shrink the world and bring these friends into my home. It is a joy and delight to hear from you, and when I make a chocolate dessert I will think … “perhaps Jon will make this”. Bon Appetit Jon dear, your loving Aunt Jean.

  2. Many, many yums, Virginia, and being able to make them in advance? Priceless. (Cribbing shamelessly from that commercial.). How lovely to see you as well. A very happy Wednesday to you.


    • Dear Janet, a way way back I did make this dessert, baked it and served at the moment. It meant I had to limit myself to one glass of wine for I needed a clear head to pull it off. That and an enormous apron! Bon Appetit, Virginia

  3. What a fun post, Virginia! Thanks for the chocolate recipe. Thanks for the Outfit of the Day inspiration. Your earrings are fantastic. More cooking and baking with Virginia posts, please. Big hugs, Theadora (And you can never go wrong with three-quarter sleeves, in my book.)

    • I love this recipe Miss T. It’s a doodle to make and then bake in style. The earrings are wonderfully over the top and I acquired them 55 years ago. XXXOOO Virginia

  4. And you are the epitome of an elegant hostess! Kudos to W. Lloyd for the photos. You should make more appearances in your recipe posts to inspire us in the fashion department. I like doing prep work and spending more time with guests. You are looking great these days – the chocolate cake looked delicious too!

    • Jo Nell, thank you for the compliment. I have changed my lifestyle and lost 32 pounds. I will never go back. I don’t do as much baking, but when I do I want it to be very special. This chocolate dessert for example. I will pass the Kudos on to my good friend W.Lloyd. She is am extremely clever photographer. XXXOOO Virginia

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