My dear friends, my so very dear friends.

These are desperate times and our world is looking so dark and frightening .  Now is the time to shine light on the darkness.   Now is the time to show we are not afraid.   Now, right now, is the time to say we are standing strong together.

Defy this darkness.   Do it by shining a light in to the dark.  Please,  now, right now put a light in your  window.   In every window.   Any light.  A single candle.  A lamp.   Every Christmas light you own.  Then text, phone, e-mail a friend and ask them to do the same.  Ask them to call a friend.

I care so very much for you all.

Love   Virginia.




7 thoughts on “LIGHT UP OUR WORLD . . . NOW!

    • Dearest Miss T, We had a painful medical emergency that required us going to Emergency in our local Ladner hospital. We had been self isolating and the very idea of going to the hospital was creating such stress. We were thoroughly checked at the door before we entered the hospital. The wait wasn’t long but while I sat there I thought “”what could an individual do that was positive “. In Italy they joined forces on their balconies. I imagined everyone filling their windows with Christmas lights. It would help those with children. Looking across the street to a window filled with light perhaps you wouldn’t feel so alone. It’s not much. But it is something. This filling the darkness with light. Enormous hugs, Virginia

    • I am so happy to hear from you Diane. I send you big hugs and even more pats to your furry children. Elaine and I have joined the women putting together the mastectomy pillows at our hospital. That is now off limits, of course. We have made enough pillows to last two months. Meanwhile Lar and I are self isolating and filling our windows with lights. Big Hugs, Virginia

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