Dear, dear friends,

My blogging friend Gayle of GUSTAVANDGAYLE  posted  a blog about sewing protective cloth face masks for hospital workers.  There has not been a call for these masks where I live but they are urgently needed in  many areas of the United States and other countries.

If you have a sewing machine these masks are easily and quickly made.  They require  elastic and two layers of 100% tightly woven cotton.  The inside layer should be soft.  Comfortable to the face.  The material is washed in hot water and the highest dryer heat setting to shrink the fabric.  The completed masks are sanitized before being used.

I followed the instructions from SEWGOODGOODS (link below).  The instructions are CDC compliant approved patterns (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).  I ran up a dozen in about  30 minutes.  I deviated slightly from the instructions by  first sewing the elastic in place with a strong double machine stitch.  You don’t want the elastic to pull off the mask.  If the request comes out for these masks I’ll be ready.

Please take care of yourself and all you love.





    • Dear Gayle, I understand that when the UK were struggling with mad cow disease they were in the same situation. People were sewing protective masks . My husband I are staying well but my younger brother tested positive. He is at home, but really not well. He lives in a different area from us, so hadn’t seem him for a couple of months. (Which is unusual for us). Having to take this all day by day. XXX Virginia

    • Dear Resa, I sewed a stack of these fabric face masks for my family, friends and neighbors . Just a small gesture but it helped keep me balanced. My brother was tested positive three weeks ago. He stayed at home but he was dreadfully ill. His recovery has been slow. It was not a good time for any of us. Big hugs . Virginia

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