If there ever was a time we needed comfort food it is today.     Something sweet to sooth the soul and have you smiling with delight.  A jelly roll to the rescue.    What a delightful idea.  Bake a cake.   Spread jam on it and roll it up.  Easy, peasy.   The ingredients  are all there in your kitchen – eggs, sugar, flour, flavouring and jam.

A classic sponge cake is not difficult to make.  Simply carefully follow the instructions. The eggs must be a room temperature, or a little warmer, and then beaten with sugar for at least ten minutes, or until thickened, tripled in bulk and full of air. It requires no leavening other than the air that is beaten into the eggs.  Carefully fold in the flour being careful not to disturb the air bubbles too much.  Then spread into the prepared pan

Don’t over bake your cake.  It will not roll easily and will crack. Depending on your oven bake for 18 to 20 minutes.  ( I hesitate to suggest the 20 minutes  but your oven may be on the cool side.)

While your cake is baking sprinkle a clean dish towel with sugar.  As soon as you take it out of the oven lay the long edge of your pan on the towel  and turn out your cake.

Lift the pan off the cake.

Trim the edges of your cake and then peel off the paper.  Trimming the cake makes it easier to roll.

While the cake is still warm starting with the short end roll the cake  and lay it with the edge seam side down.  Let it cool thoroughly before unrolling and filling.  If you are apprehensive about rolling the cake use the towel to help you.   When the cake is cool carefully unroll the cake and towel.

Use any desired filling.  Jam, jelly, lemon curd, whipped cream.  Just be sure it spreads easily.  If the jam or jelly is a little thick heat it gently before spreading it on the cake.  Using a small strainer dust the cake with lots of icing sugar.  You can also frost the cake with your favourite frosting.

This recipe calls for superfine granulated sugar and pastry or cake flour.  If you don’t have these in your pantry it is easy to make them.  For superfine sugar put at least one and a half cups of granulated sugar into your food processor and process for a few seconds.  Not too long or you’ll end up with sugar powder.   Measure your sugar after you have processed it.   You can always find a use for extra  super fine sugar.

For pastry or cake flour do this.  Take one cup of flour and remove two tablespoons of flour.  Add two tablespoons of corn starch (corn flour) to the cup. I put two cups of this mixture through a sifter five  to six times.    From this take the required amount of flour for your recipe.    Set aside the extra cake flour for future use.

The happy little jelly roll recipe awaits you in MRS.BUTTERFINGERS kitchen.

Bon Appetit dear friends.  Take care.  Stay safe.






  1. Oh Virginia, this is SOOO tempting! But I’m rapidly turning into a jelly roll myself. Food offers such comfort, as you say. It’s hard to deny yourself, especially under these quarantine conditions. But I will tuck this recipe into my “after I lose 5 pounds” stash and make it later. Hope all is well with you up there!

    • I made this jelly roll on Mother’s day. Our son and daughter in law shared the treat. We can’t hug those we love, but we do the best we can. Lar does all the shopping masked and gloved. I’ve been staying safe at home in our bubble. It is fortunate I have been involved in so many projects. And now the garden season is here so we are pretty happy spending time with vegetables and flowers and chasing the occasional bunny away. Take care. Big Hugs, Virginia

  2. This looks delicious, Virginia, and reminds me of making a bûche de Noël, not that I’ve ever made one, although I’ve thought of doing so quite often. Anyway, I shall contemplate making one of these beauties. Yesterday I made some baked doughnuts made with whole wheat pastry flour. They’re SO good and even quite healthy. 🙂


    • You are correct Janet. We made these “yule logs” for customer take-out at Christmas time. The cake was chocolate sponge, the filling chocolate mousse and the icing chocolate buttercream. We decorated them with meringue mushrooms. Simply heavenly. I love the idea of baked doughnuts. Perhaps just barely dipped in a little butter and sprinkled with sugar? (You know me, always gilding the lily.) I hope you are keeping well. Stay safe. Cheers Virginia

  3. You make everything baked look so easy!
    Since this lock in started, I can’t find the whole wheat pastry flour I like.
    I think I’ll try this with some WW bread flour done into pie crust… I have to use way more oil with the bread flour.
    I’ll roll it thin, then roll it up (not too many rolls) with fruit and honey. I think it will work.
    Hope you are well! It sure sounds like it! XOXO

    • Dearest Resa, I can see you in your kitchen. Sleeves rolled up. An apron with an attitude. A little flour dusting your nose. This is what it’s all about. For months we were unable to buy our favorite brand of yeast. We have some now tucked safely away – enough to bake for six months. Some of our grocery stores in our village ran out of flour – of any kind. We were fine as retired chefs that we are we tend to buy in bulk. 40 pounds of flour in the pantry means we wont run out of bread.
      All is well here but very quiet on this farm. We look forward to the time when we can give our family and friends enormous hugs. XXXOOO Virginia

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