It’s late afternoon in a kitchen in a rambling stone farm house in Tuscany.   You’ve  gathered fennel, garlic, onions and rosemary from the garden.  There’s  a glass of crisp, cold sparkling Prosecco on the  counter.  You’re preparing dinner.  Arista  the traditional pork roast studded with garlic and rosemary and spit-roasted over hot coals.  Porchetta a nearly boneless whole suckling pig, rubbed with rosemary and stuffed with its own highly seasoned innards.

Tuscany is a wonderful dream.   How lovely to create this state of mind in your own kitchen.  This recipe for stuffed loin of pork has all the gorgeous flavours of these Tuscan dishes.   Put on your apron and you’re in MRS.BUTTERFINGERS kitchen.    Click on PORK LOIN IN THE STYLE OF PORCHETTA  for this recipe I have adapted  from Mario Batali’s book Molto Italiano.



  1. I don’t eat a lot of meat anymore, but I do love pork. I’d also love a glass of prosecco right now. It’s hot and humid enough for something white and cold or sparkling and cold or rose. (Don’t know how to put the mark over the e on “rose”, but you get the idea.) I also love the Spell Check wants to put “prosecutor” in place of “prosecco!!” 🙂

    And yes, I’d love to be in Tuscany, with our house sold, just relaxing.


    • Relax with a glass of Prosecco girl – you deserve it. We have actually had 13 days without rain Janet. We most certainly live in a rain forest so we take the sun with great joy. I especially enjoy the flavour of pork, and now that pork producers give us such lovely lean cuts of meat it is a treat all the way around. XXVirginia

    • Jo Nell it was working on the garden amongst all the fragrant herbs and licorice scented fennel that got me thinking about this rather autumn/winter dish. Suddenly I was so done with one more big summer salad, one more bbq – so bring on the roast pork was my thought. XX V

  2. This sounds just divine and your poetic words makes this meal sound like an evening of waltzes in the Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence. I have swooned…………

    • And, we are swaying, dipping, soaring as a violin plays A. Vivaldi’s Summer. The gray stone walls of the Palazzo Medici shimmers and surrounds us. I am swooning …..

      • Oh Virginia, tomorrow is the great feast of the Tin Man, a day before Bastille Day and my birthday. I have the Duck Confit accomplished, it baked all night and is now resting in the heavenly gras de canard, the Cassoulet is next with beautiful chorizo from Spain. The Escargot have been packed in the shells are in the fridge. The cheeses await their boards. I am excited and nervous. Many friends are coming whom I have not seen in 30 years…… I wish my dear Virginia and Lar were going to be here!

      • A splendid and magnificent Happy Birthday my dear, darling Tin Man. Duck Confit … Cassoulet … escargot …. ALL my favorites – and so beautiful classic French. What a feast!! The Emerald City must be abuzz with flying monkeys fetching and carrying, Augustine polishing the wine glasses and arranging everything to absolute perfection. What a dream over the rainbow birthday party. But of course Virginia and Lar will be there – for you are forever in our hearts. XX V.

    • Lauren this is such a good dish the next day. Sandwiches made from the sliced pork are delicious, especially when made with a crusty artisan bread. These are the kind of left overs we love. No re-heating – just nibble away.

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