There is nothing more wonderful then curling up in bed with a good book.  And when your bed is outside surrounded by  quiet green fields this is my idea of   paradise.     I  plundered the linen cupboard for everything French.   I wanted this to be a place where I could escape  for just a while.  A place of calmness.  A place where I could put aside for a brief time the uncertain realities of our present world.  I wasn’t expecting to find a rabbit who thought my bed was the perfect place for an afternoon nap.

We have a relationship with the rabbits.  Their burrow is under a large cedar hedge .   Through the years the hedge has grown in size and now it is very close to the patio.    It is not unusual to see  small bunnies noses pressed against the patio door looking into our home.

We love rabbit watching.  We have a rabbit who walks on his hind legs eating  the tops of high grass.  Another rabbit who eats only clover and ignores grass completely.     Then there is the rabbit  who likes to curl up in a basket beside by my outdoor bed. I have marvellous and rather esoteric conversations with him.   His name is Oswald, and he quite famous in the rabbit community.   I write about him in  A GLASS OF WINE AND CONVERSATIONS WITH A GENTLEMAN RABBIT.

This will be a summer of drifting through the days reading about exotic far away places.  There’s always pleasant work in the vegetable garden.  A place we also share with a tiny bunny.  Not by choice, but bunnies will be bunnies.      And I am hoping Oswald rabbit will join me on the patio again this summer.   A glass of wine and his take on world events would be most interesting.  Take care and be safe dear friends.












16 thoughts on “I DIDN’T MAKE THE BED FOR YOU

  1. Charming Oswald has several cousins here on Summit Avenue. These are the tamest rabbits I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I have granted them permission to gnaw down my rudbeckia and marigolds to nubs if they leave everything else alone. I literally could reach out and pet one they are so unafraid. This avenue and its gardens (mine is the smallest by far) must be paradise to them. But I had no idea they loved French toile!

    • Well, dear Gayle, as you have discovered with your relationship with the city cousin rabbits – they have exquisite taste. That is why they are in your garden. Rabbits are a pleasure to know its just their choices of what to eat don’t with ours. We have literately have acres of the lushest grass I’ve ever seen, and they will nibble on my dahlia leaves. That said there is one baby rabbit that absolutely adorned the rose petals that had fallen from the spent roses. Most generous of you to share the rudbeckia . XXX Virginia

  2. Oh my goodness, Virginia. This is just too sweet. First, having that gorgeous bed outdoors looks like pure bliss. But adding bunnies just makes it even better. I can’t believe they cuddle up in the basket … and then the bed. You are obviously the Rabbit Whisperer. 🙂 ~Terri

    • Teri, dear friend. I believe our house in the country should be called Rabbit Run. They do entertain us. And yes the bed is pure bliss – for every one. We came home from shopping one day to find a friend – shoes tucked neatly under the bed – fast asleep. It is the best outdoor furniture in the world. Cheers Virginia

  3. Oh, my goodness, Virginia! What a wonderful, marvellous post! Oswald returns to the scene. There’s so much to love about this dispatch, so I’ll hop right to it. Your pillows and duvet cover are gorgeous. Lovely, lovely! Especially in the sunshine, I say. The bottom shot warmed my heart. I absolutely love how the sun shines through the little bunny ears. More visits? Updates? Sending big hugs and bunny hops, Theadora (Any book recommendations?)

    • Sun shining through bunny ears – it just makes me smile too Theadora. I’ve escaped into books these past months. To my great joy the eagerly and long awaited third book The Mirror and the Light; Hilary Mantel’s trilogy of Thomas Cromwell finally arrived She won the Man Booker for her first two books, Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies. The first woman to do so. Fabulous writing – prose like poetry. II reread the first two books while I was waiting for the third, so most of these months I have been in 17th century England. I also reread All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. A Pulitzer prize winner. It is a lbrilliant tender story. I keep it on my bedside table. I did a great deal of the reading stretched out on my outdoor bed. The rabbits became so accustomed to me they nibbled grass and snoozed in the sun a few steps away from me. Have you returned to Paris, dear Theadora? XXXX Virginia

      • Dear Virginia, Thanks for the book recommendations! Jotting the titles down now. Prose like poetry. Perfect! Exactly what I need at this moment. I just finished two Vogue memoirs: Andre Leon Talley and Grace Coddington. Both are slow-grooving and gossipy. Grace’s book includes an entire chapter to her cats. Throughout the book, there are personal sketches and photographs, too. Charming! Sending big hugs! Theadora

    • I’m happy that little rabbit made you smile. He spent a great deal of time exploring the bed. He especially loved the pillows. I think he must be a French rabbit! My husband and I keep well. We shop in our little village , we have a very small bubble and we never ever go anywhere without our masks. Our world has changed overnight. XXX Virginia

  4. OMG! That is so cute!
    Who wouldn’t want a rabbit in their bed, and to be surrounded by these adorable creatures?
    I see this as a fortunate happening for you!

    It’s a bit crazy on Queen W. right now, Virginia. There are tents and homeless, more than you can imagine.
    There are 2 tent cities near me. The medical authorities test the homeless. They have named it Camp Covid. I wear double masks, & a shield if it’s not too, hot. All clothes are removed immediately upon entering, and thrown in the washer. A shower is always necessary.
    Well, I’m still okay!
    Sending love! XOXOXOXO

    • Resa how dreadful. In this affluent country it is horrible that people have resorted to living in tents. It is the same in Vancouver. Are the homeless tenting in Trinity Bellwood Park? You are doing all the right things. Lar does most of the shopping and when he comes back he takes off his clothes in the garage and puts them in the washer right away. All groceries and library books are wiped before they come in the house. We are living through historic times.

      • I knew you would want to know about the park. The homeless keep setting tents up in the park, but the people in the area seem to have enough political power to shoo them out. Some just move on up the street to Dufferin, where there are 2 tent cities.
        They have those port-a-potties set up, but there are too, many homeless & the p-a-p’s don’t get drained enough, so there is human waste overflowing into the street at times.
        When Toronto moved to “phase 1” of the re-opening, it was a weekend. On Saturday, or Sunday, people went nuts and jammed into Trinity Bellwoods. It was standing room only. It was mostly a young people party, and not many masks.
        The city clamped down. There are now circles on the grass. You may ONLY sit in the circles. Only 3 people per circle.
        Yes, dear Virginia, we are living through historic times… perhaps histerical.

      • Dearest Resa,
        I appreciate the update on Queen Street and the parks. West Queen West and Trinity Bellwood – where I spent so much time with my daughter. The area was a second home to me. We don’t get this kind of news here. Again my dear Resa be safe. XXXXOOO V,

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