A single rose to lane

A single rose to  slain

A single rose to hide my pain


A single rose to turn the tide

A single rose to make roads wide

A single rose as my guide.


A single rose to raise my soul

A single rose to widen the hole

A single rose to achieve a goal


A single rose to melt the heart

A single rose to force the start

A single rose to cult



A single rose to freeze my body

A single rose to mourn this memory

A single rose to short a life

A single rose to end the strife.

(Dheeraj Haran – poet extraordinaire )


Remembering those we’ve loved  this Valentine’s Day

14 thoughts on “REMEMBERING THOSE WE LOVED THIS VALENTINE DAY . . . The words of Dheeraj Haran

      • Oh, Virginia, I’m not sure if I know your story, but I can’t imagine…our daughter is very sick right now, however, fine, if that makes sense. If I think about the future, I’ll lose it, so we live in the here and now…time will tell how things go and what happens next…sending prayers and hugs your way…xoxo

  1. Dearest Virginia, I could not even leave a response last evening when I read this beautiful, yet mournful poem. I was so taken by the words and personal reflection; i had to weep in the dark for a while. Even now the tears are once again finding their way down my cheeks. Funny though I am not so much filled with saddness and I am longing. This is one powerful set of words and your photos are so very perfect. In rememberance of all those we once had in our lives that, whose sparkle we still see out of the corner of our eyes and they hover near….

  2. Beautiful words and roses. I also don’t know your story and when your loss happened, but I’m sorry to read about it. My parents are in their early 90’s, so I know each day could be their last. At least we’re now in Arizona and close to them.


    • Janet, dear friend, My daughter was an avid gardener, and roses were a favorite flower. She passed away several years ago after a long battle with cancer.She is always in my thoughts. XXX Virginia

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