My love affair with blueberries began with wild blueberries. They are a tiny berry with an intense, deep flavour. They grow wild in Northern Saskatchewan where I grew up. Wild blueberries are a low bush and one uses a large tooth comb designed to harvest them. It is a slow process and I am sure I ate more than I picked. But the rewards were shelves of glistening jewel like preserving jars of blueberries.

Across our road there is a blueberry farm. Acres and acres of blueberries growing in precise, military style rows. Harvest time and an enormous “science fiction style” machine marches up and down tenderly harvesting the fruit. The eagerly anticipated first berries of the season we traditionally eat with a little creme fraiche.

I am quite taken with this particular BLUEBERRY CRUMB CAKE. It has a fine crumb. It is a jumble of berries and has a struesel type crumb that is divine. Don’t be tempted to add more walnuts in the topping – scarcity makes them even more delightful. You can replace this recipe with almost any kind of berry (except strawberry). Slices or cubes of soft fruits such as peeled peaches or nectarines, apricots or plums can also be used in place of blueberries.

The recipe awaits you in the kitchen of MRS.BUTTERFINGERS


    • Janet, Ttat is what is so good about this crumb cake recipe. It is very fruit friendly and with so much fresh fruit coming into season this crumb cake recipe is perfect. Bon Appetit and take care. Cheers Virginia

    • I love the blueberries and the strusel topping is absolutely delicious. I used it as a topping for Sunday morning scones. Of course the scones also had blueberries. Bon Appetit Diane, Virginia I

  1. We had wild blueberries that grew all around our orchard in New Hampshire. The berries were the size of baby peas and were sweet and delicious. Your crumb cake sounds perfect for all day enjoyment, from breakfast to evening dessert.

    • Karen, we are the fortunate few that are familiar with wild blueberries. They love a harsh, cold climate so that makes so very Canadian, and available to a few states that live close to the border. I bake with them all year round – filling my freezer with bags and bags of beautiful blue flavour. Chers Virginia

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