One could be forgiven for keeping one of the key ingredients of this cake a secret.  Those who grow zucchini know that overnight a zucchini can morph to a monstrous size. Every morning I walk out to the garden and gingerly lift the prickly zucchini leaves checking the daily crop. And every morning I am rewarded with these tender-never-stop-growing vegetable. Zucchini fritters. Zucchini gratin. Zucchini on the barbecue. Zucchini muffins and loaf cakes. Zucchini shared with friends and neighbours. The infamous zucchini is definitely the vegetable that keeps on giving.

This bundt cake is a gorgeous combination of chocolate and zucchini. A marriage made in baking heaven.   A bundt  cake rich with bittersweet chocolate and cocoa powder.    A bundt cake that takes chocolate and zucchini and presents to you a cake that is gloriously  tender and wonderfully moist. This is a classic with a crumb that is fine yet firm. It cuts beautifully and stays fresh and tender for a couple of days (if it can last that long). One could serve it with a scoop of coffee ice cream or a little whipped cream delicately flavoured with cinnamon. Or, proudly alone on a dessert plate showered with a drift of cocoa.

The recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Bundt cake awaits you at MRS.BUTTERFINGERS

This so very timely recipe is from the pages of ZOE BAKES CAKES by Zoe Francois.    A cook book that contains everything you need to know about cakes!



    • Janet it is decadently delicious. so much so the cake I baked this morning is the second one in as many weeks. We are entertaining family tomorrow and I thought – perfect. Best excuse to indulge. All is well here. We are extremely careful but still trying to do the best we can to enjoy life and not rail against the pandemic. Cheers Virginia

  1. This looks absolutely delicious Virginia! I’ve seen so many recipes over the years for incorporating zucchini into baking and have always hesitated – but this looks so good I’m going to take the plunge this weekend! thank you 🙂

    • My dear Kate. This is such a successful recipe. It goes together easily. And the results are so gratifying. We are having a family dinner this evening and I am serving it with coffee ice cream. I do so love gilding the lily. Bon Appetit Virginia

  2. I just got through making 4 loaves of my mom’s chocolate zucchini bread recipe–very similar to yours. And I’ve been experimenting a lot with zucchini dishes this year. Of course, I miss having these from my own garden, but thank goodness for farmer’s markets! Enjoy your bountiful harvest, you lucky girl!

    • Gayle, dear friend, I do so appreciate the garden and all its bounty. This summer we had a heat dome and temperature went to almost 40C every day. This on the mild temperature West Coast where 20C is a warm day. It set almost every in the garden back by at least two weeks. No amount of watering made a difference. It barely kept the flowers and vegetables alive. We’ve already harvested our onions and the tomatoes are a meagre crop. Harbinger of our weather in the future. but like all gardeners we are already planning for next year. Lucky you, a Mom who made chocolate zucchini bread. When I was growing up we didn’t know zucchini existed. XXXX Virginia

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