THE MADNESS OF CROWDS . . . Louise Penny

This is not a book review.

This morning I finished reading THE MADNESS OF CROWDS. Louise Penny’s seventeenth book. Her finest, most honest and bravest of books. I began it with reluctance The subject post pandemic. I did not want to read about it. I was living it and wanted to escape. To be in the village of Three Pines. Sipping cafe au lait in the Bistro. Browsing the bookstore. Sitting on a bench in the village green. But I could not stop turning the pages. I read THE MADNESS OF CROWDS through the night. I read words of unspeakable horror. Of history repeating itself. Of ignorance driven by fear.

And when I turned the last page and read “ca va bien aller” (everything will be alright) I knew I had truly escaped to Three Pines. I drank hot chocolate lavished with whipped cream and watched snow falling outside the bistro windows. Unafraid I hugged friends and family and shared meals together. I wasn’t afraid.

2 thoughts on “THE MADNESS OF CROWDS . . . Louise Penny

  1. Ah, let it be so.
    If you have not discovered Escape to the Chateau (a British production over several years chronicling the loving restoration of a gorgeous but derelict 19th century Chateau in Pays de Loire by a wonderful British couple)–I think you’d adore it. Google it and see how you can stream it. It is truly a glorious escape. I watch an episode every night and have very sweet dreams. The husband is not only a wizard engineer but a fabulous chef!

    • Dearest Gayle, You must have just missed me in the dining room. I was there having a marvellous meal. My younger sister who lives half way across Canada from me – chat about Escape to the Chateau as if we were actually spending time there. They have a few cookbooks out. One I especially adored The Vintage Tea Party Book, is an absolute delight. Bon Appetit and sweet dreams. Virginia XXXX

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