SPICED PUMPKIN AND WALNUT TART . . . aromatic spices and a sweet walnut pastry

The perfect Thanksgiving dinner always ends with pumpkin pie. The delicious aroma of aromatic spices fill your kitchen as you take this delicate creamy textured tart out of the oven. Pumpkin is one of those marvellous vegetables that can be used in both sweet and savoury recipes. It attains a glorious height of wonderfulness when it is encased in a sweet walnut pastry.

It is traditional that every Thanksgiving I make a new recipe for pumpkin pie. And every Thanksgiving I think that perhaps this is the best recipe. It is the creamy pumpkin filling redolent with exotic spices that we look forward to and expect each year. That cannot be changed. However, the pastry gives one a great opportunity to visit uncharted waters.

I discovered this tantalizing recipe in an old copy of the UK version of Country Living. I have used ground almonds in pastry and the combination of walnuts and pumpkins in the traditional pumpkin pie was intriguing. I nibbled the test pastry. Its sweet, walnut flavoured texture was both sophisticated and delicious. The printable recipe awaits you in MRS.BUTTERFINGERS kitchen. Happy Thanksgiving dear friends. With love, Virginia.

9 thoughts on “SPICED PUMPKIN AND WALNUT TART . . . aromatic spices and a sweet walnut pastry

    • I’ve saved you a piece Gayle, I promise I haven’t nibbled on the crust! Well spotted with the white covers on my books. They are university technical books related to writing. I thought I would glam them up a book so they would garner more respect. Happy Thanksgiving (for you next month). XXXX Virginia

    • A very happy Thanksgiving to you, Diane. This year we will have a furry friend asking for turkey left overs. We have adopted a senior cat. She is Siberian. I sing to her in Russian. She hates it! XXXXXX Virginia

  1. I’m the person who cringes when fall arrives and everyone in the US starts advertising everything pumpkin spice. I like pumpkin pie and a few other pumpkin items but I don’t want it everywhere! That being said, your tart looks and sounds just the ticket! Happy autumn.


    • It is these aromatic spices that make pumpkin pie so unique. It is why Thanksgiving isn’t complete without pumpkin pie. When something becomes every day. commonplace it is no longer special. I agree – let’s keep the spice just in our pumpkin pie. Cheers Virginia

    • Dear Resa, We do love stars! Couldn’t resist making pastry stars with pastry. I am in the process of doing the terribly British Christmas thing – mincemeat and mince pies and I plan on stars for my tarts! Hope all is well with you and all you love. Take care, with great affection, Virginia

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