SURPRISED BY JOY . . . a Siberian cat becomes part of our life

It began with a phone call from a dear friend. Would we foster a senior cat until arrangements could be made? Her mother was ill and could no longer care for her beloved companion of eight years . We were happy to have a cat in our home once again.

Her name is Pepper. The biggest, most beautiful, magnificent and angriest of cats stepped our of her carrier into our dear, sweet home. This was her second foster home and we were told she could be difficult. Pepper was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reincarnated as a cat. By day she snarled and growled, scratched,slashed and bit and challenged anyone who dared to pat her. But at night she became a different cat and snuggled close to me. She purred, nuzzled into me and covered my fingers with cat kisses as I stroked her silky fur, and at night Pepper slept at the foot of my bed.

The weeks passed. She seemed to improve. She asked for more attention. But she couldn’t be trusted not to strike out at you. I Googled SIBERIAN CATS. We needed more information to help us understand Pepper. In the domestic cat world Siberian cats are considered the largest cat (18 to 22 pounds). The most intelligent of all domestic cats. They are cats that require stimulation, entertainment, play. They dislike being left alone for any length of time. They demand respect. They mature slowly remaining kitten like for five years and living up to 18 or 20 years. They enjoy being around people, children. dogs and other cats. They frequently mate for life. They are intensely loyal to their owners.

I had my answer. Pepper had been taken away from the person she loved. She was remaining loyal to her. In her foster home from necessity Pepper was left alone all day. She didn’t have an opportunity to bond and replace her loss. We asked Pepper’s owner that we become the forever people in her life.

It has been seven months of Pepper understanding us and we in turn understanding her. We know she requires respect. She doesn’t like to be disturbed when she is sleeping, and she doesn’t always want pats. She signals her wishes with a twitch of her ears or a turning of her head. We are very careful to be mindful of her and she in turns watches us. We are getting to know each other.

Pepper has become entertaining, loving and quite funny.. She likes to play and expects us to participate with her. She is respectful of us. She asks permission to sit on our laps or jump on my bed. Entering a room Pepper comes to each of us and acknowledges our presence. She is no longer angry. We believe she is happy. And I am so happy we did not give up on her. She has surprised us with joy.


15 thoughts on “SURPRISED BY JOY . . . a Siberian cat becomes part of our life

    • She is a big girl Gayle. 18 pounds. But she does keep me warm at night. She like to sleep on my feet after she has had her fill of loving and pats. She has become my shadow. My husband says “there is not doubt that she is my cat”. But we both adore her and he fusses over her even more than I do. XXXX Virginia

  1. Dearest Andrea, I am so glad we changed our minds and decided to keep Pepper. We did think that if we didn’t keep Pepper you and Callum would be the one of the few people who would understand her and and help her become the loving cat we knew was hiding under all that fur. Now, the house would be empty and lonely without her. Love and Big Hugs , Virginia

    • This beautiful cat mourning her lost love came into the right home. We are showing Pepper she can love again, be loyal again and we will always look after her. Janet, thank you for your good thoughts. Hugs Virginia

  2. Virginia, congratulations on your family’s newest addition! Pepper sounds as though she’s won the lottery with you as her human companions. 🙂 With her silky coat and green eyes she surely is an elegant-looking kitty.

    • Tricia, Pepper is exactly what our home needed. The isolation created by the pandemic made our life so one dimensional. We needed another daily focus. We never expected a cat of such high intelligence. A cat who watched wine being poured and immediately went to the patio door. We always enjoyed watching the end of day surrounded by flowers. Pepper knew it meant she could also safely be outside. Hope all is well with you and all you love. Hugs, Virginia

      • Virginia, it makes me immensely happy to hear that. I had not heard of Siberian cats before — they sound like a tremendous creature. 🙂

        Indeed, all is well with us. We’re expecting snow in the foothills of the German Alps in the coming days or weeks. In the meantime, we’re enjoying the autumn foliage.

        Hugs to you too!

    • Dearest Resa. It is no secret I have become besotted with my Princess Pepper. She injured one of her back legs attempting to fly and catch a bird. She is almost recovered, but for a few days she had to held steady while she used her litter box. It turned a corner for her and she now knows that she is safe and loved in our home. Wishes for a happy holiday and all good things. Love Virginia

      • So happy Pepper is getting better, and has identified that you love her!
        What a wonderful Christmas gift for all.
        All good things to you, dear Virginia! xxoxoxo

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