Simple and extremely quick to make!

This gloriously simple cake can be made with the usual pantry items,  a good sized bowl and a whisk – if that is your desire.    Or you can whip it up with  hand held electric beaters or a stand mixer.  The results are a tender, butter-rich, nutty cake.  Top it with a generous swipe of frosting and you’ve just swanned your way to creating a delectable, delicious, no stress cake.

I volunteer at our hospital thrift shop in the village of Ladner, British Columbia. It’s a busy operation and our morning tea break is appreciated.    I call it The Fellowship of cookies , cake bakers and avid readers of books.  The table is always graced with volunteers home baked goodies.  The  discussions are frequently about food in general and baking in great detail.  Recipes are shared and stored in a three ring binder.   This very personal cook book is kept in the tea room for anyone looking for baking inspiration.

The women I work with are mostly retired.  They donate a great deal of time and energy to their volunteer work.  They love to bake but appreciate recipes that that don’t require a lot of prep time.  Some prefer recipes that are not too complicated or require too many ingredients.  And, they don’t want to spend a lot of time shopping for ingredients that are difficult to find. 

An easy one bowl cake recipe means less time is spent mixing the ingredients and less time in clean up.   Make this recipe once and it will be yours forever.  The chopped walnuts are toasted in the butter then added to the eggs, sugar and sour cream and vanilla and whisked  until well combined. You add the flour, baking powder and soda and whisk to combine and pour into your cake pan.  You can add optional flavours such as instant espresso powder or cardamon. I also bakes beautifully in a loaf pan or double the recipe and bake in a  Bundt pan.

 MRS.BUTTERFINGERS has the printable recipes for these cakes.  Bon Appetit dear friends.


  1. Love this! I have volunteered at local thrift stores for many years. We also share recipes and enjoy tea (coffee) together. I had to let this go during COVID but hope to get back to it next year. Hope you were not affected by the floods, Virginia.

    • Dear Gayle, Like minds! I love love love the time I spend with the other women at our Thrift Shop. We have been so isolated during the pandemic it was a joy when I was able to do volunteer work at theThrift Shop. Women working together and accomplishing a great deal! As for the atmospheric river – kit was pretty horrendous. We were completely cut off from the rest of Canada (except by air) for several days. They managed to reopen one highway, single lane, and only for emergency vehicles and people who had been stranded. Gas is rationed. you can buy just $30 of gas at a time. $45 if you drive a truck. There is some rationing of items and because BC is under a state of emergency you could be fined $2,000 for hoarding. Milk seems to be an issue but since we live on a dairy farm we are OK. Thank you for asking Gayle. Cheers Virginia

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