A FRESH CHRISTMAS WREATH . . . yours to make in just an hour.

December 1st. Day one of my slow Christmas.

Every year I make the wreath that adorns our front door. This is the second wreath. The first wreath was fashioned from dried hydrangea blossoms. I cut them in the late fall when cool temperatures turn the vivid blues to delicate, faded colours. The hydrangea wreath was hung. Then destruction in the form of atmospheric rivers of rain flooded south western British Columbia. We escaped the flooding but the humidity and the rain destroyed my wreath.

Our home is surrounded by various cedars. Tall trees march along side the drive way. A very large low growing cedar is just outside the patio door. This cedar bush is also home to the famous “Oswald Gentleman Rabbit” and his various relatives, and this is where I found my branches. To make this wreath you need a metal ring (from a dollar store), light wire, twine, any type of local greens, a decorative vine of berries (dollar store) and pruning shears for trimming the branches to size.

There’s CD playing in the background. It’s Charlie Brown’s iconic Christmas music. Perfect for the day one of slow Christmas. Weave the wire back and forth on the wreath form.
Starting in the inside of the wreath poke the branches through continuing always in the same direction.
Do the same with the outside ring and then secure the branches firmly with the twine. You can tuck smaller branches here and there to even the look of the wreath.
Add the finishing touch. I used a rope of berries and fastened them to the wreath. Ribbon, Christmas balls, fresh or artificial flowers all look wonderful. Once you have woven the wire to make your wreath base it should take you about an hour to create your own very personal wreath.
Now photograph your beautiful wreath and share it with your friends and family. Happy day one of your slow Christmas, cheers Virginia.

10 thoughts on “A FRESH CHRISTMAS WREATH . . . yours to make in just an hour.

    • Dearest Gayle, This will be a special Christmas. For the first time in three years our son and daughter in law will be with us for Christmas. I’ve had an exciting time shopping for unusual gifts to put in the stockings. At 53 years our son will be very disappointed if a Terry’s Chocolate Orange is not in the toe of his stocking. This is going to be just the best and hopefully a dry (weather wise) Christmas.

  1. Lovely, Virginia, and always good to see a post from you in my Reader. I bought a wreath and am slowly getting our decorations up. I do love Christmas. For many years we’ve had a small artificial tree that is our bird/nature tree. I’ve collected ornaments for years and got two new ones this year. It’s always a joy to put up and right next to it is the crèche . We’re not having our daughters, son-in-law, or sister-in-law here again due to Covid but except for not getting a big tree, everything else will go up. Such a wonderful time of year and when I especially miss snow. 🙂


    • The snow. The crisp, glittering snow. The gently falling snow. It is so much a part of my childhood. Growing up in Northern Saskatchewan winter came early. No matter how cold it was we would skate every day – outside. The snow piled up on the boards around the ice. Warming up in the skate shack toasting our toes and drying out mittens. And the nights were so clear. Far above our heads the Northern lights swanned and dived across the sky. We knew it was magic. Janet, I too miss the snow. But I don’t miss the cold. Our son and daughter in law will be with us for a few days at Christmas and I am beside myself with happiness. A happy Christmas to you dear friend and wishes for a much better New Year for all of us. Virginia

      • I’m happy your family will be there. My parents will share some of Christmas Day with us and we’ll Zoom with our daughters, et al. We did that last year as well and it was quite nice.

    • I love Christmas. It is the preparation. The dressing the tree with years and years of accumulated treasures. The baking of childhood favorite treats. The sparkling decorations. The gifts. The all. The very all of Christmas with family and friends. I love Christmas Cornelia. Merry Christmas to you, Virginia

    • Dear Diane, It will be a happy holiday this year. Our son and our daughter in law will be with us over Christmas. This year they will be hanging up their stockings by our fireplace. This year I’ll be making pannetone (Italian Christmas Bread) for Christmas morning breakfast. Another family tradition. A million good wishes for a happy Christmas and all the very best for a healthy and calm New Year. XXXX Virginia

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