Fragile blossoms rain faded. Fragile flowers wind crumbled. The delicate wreath struggling in the savage weather. Hydrangea blooms are not made for this. I salvaged the wreath. Hung it to dry. New, dried flowers in faded bruised blues and purples to the rescue. A fine silk ribbon to adorn. A new place to hang.

It is not in my nature to discard what can be saved. The existence of this wreath began in early spring. Hydrangea bushes heavy with blossoms charmed their way through summer. Autumn and as the flowers changed colour I began to cut and hang the heads to dry. A wreath months in the making now hangs above a treasured nativity scene.


    • Gayle I was so happy I could save the wreath. It was so fragile. The stems and flowers suffered in the “heat dome” we encountered in the summer. Hydrangea simply do not like extreme weather – tender little darlings. Happy happy holidays to you dear friend. Virginia

  1. Virginia, this is so beautiful! I love that you supplemented the burnished colours of the original wreath with the new additions; they complement each other wonderfully. I do so enjoy seeing your projects here – in my plans for next week in the days before Christmas are to make your delicious-looking Amaretti cookies; I bookmarked them when you posted and am about to try! Happy holidays and wishing you all the best for 2022 …Kate

    • Dearest Kate, Not everything has to be perfect. I so love my gorgeous hydrangea flowers I couldn’t discard them. After all perfection can be boring. Enjoy the sophisticated little Amaretti cookies. It’s like having a French pastry chef in your kitchen. From my heart a very Merry Christmas and the most wondrous New Year. XXXX Virginia

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