I woke this morning to a scattering of snow. Just enough to catch the heavy boughs of the cedar next to my patio. Just enough to catch and hold the footprints of Oswald Gentleman Rabbit. The cedar bush is Oswald’s burrow. Oswald was home and preparing for the Winter Solstice.

I dusted the drifted snow off the Victorian bed. It has become a favourite place for my friend Oswald to take the occasional naps. Oswald often joins me on this secluded patio. In the summertime it is a place to enjoy a glass of wine and good conversations. This morning it is steaming coffee and mince tarts.

“We were promised two billion trees. 8.5 million just isn’t good enough”. Oswald is no rabbit to mince words. “30 millions trees were to be planted this year. Do the math!” Oswald stomped back and forth aggravating the pristine snow . “Those horrific mud slides on the highways. People died. We rabbits couldn’t plant enough trees.”

Oswald tided his rumpled whiskers. Straightened his large rabbit ears. Calmed his ruffled fur. “Tomorrow all rabbits will celebrate the solstice. The war has just begun. We shall fight them on the hills . . .”

“Oswald, did you just quote Winston Churchill?”

“Well, yes. We were good friends. Those gardens at Chartwell – work of rabbits, of course.”

Dear friends, once again the story of the rabbits Winter Solstice party. Read it again and believe in miracles.



    • Such heartfelt words from you, dear friend. I am sending you a million good wishes to you and all you love. Have a magnificent Christmas. Enjoy the day. Every precious hour of it. From my house to yours Merry Christmas and all good wishes for a healthy, safe New Year. XXXX Virginia

      • Last night the sky was clear. The stars brilliant shreds. Frost cover the grass. In the middle of the night I looked out the window. Three rabbits were joyfully chasing each other on the front lawn. It was magic. These precious moments are what sustains us. Just a few more days to Christmas Gayle, I wish you and your family the very best Christmas Day and all good things in the coming New Year. XXXX Virginia

    • Dear Janet, I started getting ready for this Christmas at the beginning of the year. Hoping and praying our Son and wife would be with us. Hurrah!! They will and they are bringing the turkey from Vancouver Island. I am so excited I’m skipping with joy. Good thoughts to you and all you love for a happy Christmas and a much better 2022. XXXX Virginia

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