“Happiness . . .

not in another place but this place,

not for another hour

but this hour.”

I walk to the garden past hedges heavy with fragrant with wild roses and awash with cow parsley. Blackbirds, wrens, robins and song thrushes fill the air with glorious song. The early morning sun catches glittering drops of dew suspended in fragile spiderwebs turning grass into a field of diamonds. A walk of happiness to the garden to gather rhubarb.

This Rhubarb cake is one you make with pleasurable ease. The tactile pleasure of combining the crumble by hand. The lemony perfume of adding the sumac. The sharp tang of grating the lemon into brown sugar then rubbing the zest through the sugar with your finger tips. A whip of eggs. An easy pour of melted butter. A gently folding of flour and a delicate hand with the rhubarb. All is happiness in this hour.

This is a cake that sits often under a glass dome in my kitchen. As the season changes the cake takes on a different persona. Sometimes chopped pears with a dash of almond flavouring. The stone fruit comes into season I add peaches, apricots or deep purple plums and serve the cake with whipped cream. Apples and cinnamon cake generously presented with a wedge of crumbly wedge of old cheddar cheese; the flavour of autumn.

“Happiness . . . not in another place, but this place, not for another hour, but this hour.” (Walt Whitman)

The printable recipe resides in the kitchen of MRS.BUTTERFINGERS.

Bon Appetit my dear friends.


8 thoughts on “RHUBARB CRUMB CAKE WITH SUMAC CRUMBLE happiness in a cake

  1. What a wonderful and appropriate quote. (He’s one of my favorite American poets.) I just moved to a house with three rhubarb plants and I’m going to make your cake! Glad your garden is giving you peace and pleasure in these times. Take care my friend!

    • Gayle, dear friend you are going to have a wonderful summer in your new home. Three rhubarb plants! Such richness! Rhubarb pie, rhubarb crumb, rhubarb with custard. Glorious. Walt Whitman’s poetry takes my breath away. Much joy . Cheers Virginia

    • Absolutely Janet, We have had so much rain the hedges that edge the fields are thick and lush. The fragrance of the wild roses evoke memories of my childhood. Soon they will be heavy with blackberries. Living in the country is heaven. Cheers Virginia

    • There is always left-over cake sitting under a glass dome on my kitchen counter. One can cut of a slice as you walk by. Perhaps to nibble watching Netflix or just sit quietly in the twilight and enjoy the nightly aerial performance of bats. Cheers dear friend, Virginia

    • My goodness gracious – yes! Strawberries do not grow easily where I grew up. The frugal housewife made a basket of strawberries go farther when making strawberry pie by adding rhubarb. Plus their sweet flavour complemented the tart rhubarb. Great memories. Bon Appetit, Virginia

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