The fragrance of flamboyant lilies hang heavy in the garden. It drifts though my windows. Their exotic perfume so compelling, so exotic. These majestic flowers grow beautifully in containers. The secret to spectacular container gardening. It’s all about single plant species.
The lilies have just begun to bloom. They will put on a show for several weeks. The cosmos are shyly putting out early flowers. This short variety of easy to grow cosmos were started indoors. They are planted densely for the biggest flower show. With regular dead heading they will bloom to late fall.
Outrageously showy! Cracker Jack saucer sized dahlias slip into place behind the cosmos. Hot summer colours for a spectacular show. Dahlias ask for only two things water and rich soil and they will reward your wildest gardening dreams.
When lilies fade their slender spikey stalks are the perfect background for late summer dahlias. The row of orangery red dahlias will bloom until the first touch of frost. Cosmos are full glorious bloom. Monet’s garden always features bright spots of white flowers. All flowers look all the richer for this artistic accent.
A romantic David Austin rose (Lady of Shallot). Her perfume with lingering notes of vanilla anchors one end of this front of the house flower show. This rose blooms lavishly all summer long right into the cool days of autumn.
A long drift of deep pink impatience warms the river stone facade. The The Wave petunias are accents colours. They dream in the sun close to the umbrella sitting area. The old fashion fragrance of the petunias a childhood memory.

There’s a coolness in the air. Twilight and in that half way time flocks of geese honk their way through the sky above our home. The geese are gathering for their epic journey south. The single planting of hydrangeas are changing colour. Sapphire blues bruising to rich purples and violet.
The front door herbs. To be shared. Planted in containers they welcome you to our home.
Run you fingers through delicate thyme. Stroke the velvet sage leaves. Nibble on a basil or a mint leaf. Then gather a bouquet of rosemary for remembrance.


  1. Golly, what an exquisite floral wonderland you’ve created with pots! I’m inspired. I’m clearing land right now at our new house and starting a garden from scratch. My fifth 9and last) garden. Very challenging at this age but I’m determined! It will never equal what you’ve achieved! Inhale the splendor and enjoy the waning summer.

    • Dear Gayle, I am the one really impressed. To clear land and start from scratch is an enormous endeavour. Simply visualizing the project is a challange. I am so impressed that you are not letting anything (age) get in the way of your garden project. It is wonderful what you are doing. Cheers, Virginia

    • Breton, my grandfather – your great grandfather – was a superb horticulturist. He won the sweet pea cup and the dahlia cup for so many years the Prince Albert Agriculture society named the cups in his honour. He gracefully retired from competing so others could have an opportunity to win a few Blue Ribbons. I source my sweet peas from the same British company he bought his seeds, and plant them in remembrance of Fred Henderson, gardener extraordinaire. XXXOOO Virginia

    • Wilma, my gardens give me such pleasure and joy. The container garden especially so. I can share the beautiful flowers with those who travel our country road. Cheers Virginia

    • And some of the flowers were a little more than I expected Cornelia. I am mad for cosmos. I started them indoors. 70 seedlings grew. That meant 9 or so to a large pot. And then they grew, and grew and grew and rewarded me with a spectacular show for $3.50. Gardening is a little like Christmas. You just never now what you are going to get. Cheers Virginia

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