It is at this time of year when the days shorten and dusk creeps quietly into our lives.  When we put away the warm whispers of summer.  When we scuff through fallen leaves removing the silver dust of Paris.  This is my favourite season in the city of light.

 It is at this time of year my thoughts return to my little house in Paris to pack away the summer memories.  To take down the linen  curtains that dance at my windows and replace them with  enveloping rich, dark green velvet.  To cover the worn stone pavers of my kitchen floor with a faded and warm carpet.

And it is this time of year, market basket under my arm, I raise very early and head for the markets.   I am abroad even before the street cleaners.  Searching for the last stoned fruit of the season to make just one last plum tart.

The Paris pastry shops beguile us with dazzling displays of fruit tarts.  They are perfectly imperfect with simply arranged seasonal fresh fruits made even more irresistible with sugar-studded , heavily caramelized, crunchy rims.   This is pie perfection!  Honest pies that promise you everything and deliver.   My alter ego happily shares her dreams of Paris and her recipes with you.  Bon Appetit, dear friends.   The recipe for plum tart awaits you at MRS BUTTERFINGERS

(a reposting – plums are so abundant at this time of a year )



  1. That looks absolutely delicious. We’re visiting family in California and they have a French bakery only a few blocks away. Two French brothers run it and it’s just as delicious as any French bakery in Europe. If I could afford the money and the calories I would go there every single day. 😉

    • And I would be right behind you Janet. Our village lacks a superb bakery. Other wise it is a perfect small community. To compensate we are surrounded by market gardens. The finest potatoes I’ve tasted outside France grew just down the road. Always something to be joyful about. Cheers Virginia

  2. This delicious tart is also very traditional in Germany, but just a kind of different dough and baked on a bake sheet, yet as similar. I used to bake it back than when I lived in Germany, but here living in California it’s not easy to get that kind of ripe plums.

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