It is my tradition on November 25th to begin the Christmas season by hanging a wreath on our front door.  This wreath is always fashioned from cedar greens gathered here on the farm.  This year I prune the boughs from a low bush cedar growing outside our kitchen door.  I clipped cautiously for this is also the burrow of rabbits.   The boughs are extraordinarily heavy with seed buds.  Nature under stress from the summer drought produced more than normal cedar seed buds.

Cedar buds. Exquisite natural adornment for the Christmas wreaths.  Their fragrance the perfume of Christmas.

I weave  the branches through the vine wreath to the accompanied of Handel’s Messiah.  Another Christmas tradition.  White alyssum still blooms in the garden.  This tiny flower always grew in my Mother’s garden.  I tuck a spray into the wreath.  My David Austin roses had a difficult hot summer.  In late autumn they put on a splendid show and were still blooming when it was time to more them inside to their winter home.  I tuck them into water filled florist vials and fasten them to the wreath.  A fragment of elegant silk ribbon and my Christmas wreath is finished.



    • Gayle, dear girl. It is my pleasure to share thee with you. Our garage has become a greenhouse. (still room for the car) I am hoping the herbs and roses will last at least a few months. All wonderful wishes for you and your family this Christmas season. XXXX Virginia

  1. Lovely, Virginia. Now that we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving, I’m ready to turn my attention to Christmas, although I have to make some changes this year as one of those here will be our 9-month-old (by Christmas) grandson, who’s getting around and into things. 🙂 It will be worth it and there will be enough people here to keep an eye on him. We’re excited to have the family back together after the Covid years! I do love Christmas!!

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