CHRISTMAS IN PARIS … wrapping gifts in the style of Coco Chanel.

Logs in the ancient fireplace crackled .  Heavy faded velvet curtains shut out the cold..  On the old Victrola  Piaf warbled   Le Noël de la rue.  It was the top of the hour.  She opened the curtains.   The splendid blue lights of the Eiffel tower filled the room.  Here in the magic of her little house in Paris she would wrap her gifts .

Plain brown paper unrolled.  Silver scissors cut.  A scattering of pearls.  An elegance of black ribbon.  A Coco Chanel wrapped Christmas gift.

Champagne chilled.   Cassoulet simmered on the ancient  La Cornue stove.   The room fragrant  with its rich welcoming aroma.  Footsteps whispered on the ancient stone stairs.  Her guests had arrived. Laughter.  Welcome hugs.  It was Christmas in une petite maison.   My little house in Paris is with me always.  To journey to it I have but to close my eyes and turn the key on the heavy wooden door.  I will spend Christmas in Paris.  The Paris of my memories.

(Dear Friends, This  gift wrapping  of pearls and presents is a favourite.    I love the economy of wrapping with recyclable, inexpensive plain brown paper. Much of Christmas paper is not recyclable.  The pearls are easy stick-ons and the black ribbon is wireless.  Everything purchased in a quick trip to my favorite dollar store.  )


15 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS IN PARIS … wrapping gifts in the style of Coco Chanel.

    • I shall make a confession dear Gayle. If I have gift boxes with removable lids I wrap the lids separately and then all the recipient has to do is lift the lid off. Happy Holidays Virginia

  1. I also love this idea, Virginia. I imagine choice of glue is very important. Do you have a favorite? Your bows are also pretty darn impressive. The black is so Chanel . . . Theadora (Oops! I just re-read your post. So the pearls are stick-ons?)

    • Dear Theadora, Indeed the pearls are stick-on. Our Ladner Village dollar store has amazing craft items. The other day I found a garden bench covered with gold glitter. It now sits by the front door of the Christmas Doll house. I have a lovely time there shopping for items I didn’t know I needed.
      XXXOOO Happy Holidays Virginia

      • The Christmas Doll House! Updates on the little big wigs? Midnight dinner parties? Shindigs? Oh, I bet the garden bench covered with gold glitter is appreciated. Keep us posted! (And thanks for the stick-on pearl tip!)
        Happy Holidays,

  2. Très élégante, Virginia. Some years ago, my mom took Christmas material I’d bought and made me lots of Christmas bags. I tie them shut with yarn. They look lovely and can be reused forever. 🙂


    • Brilliant idea, Janet. Just pop the gift in and pull it closed. After Christmas fabric is often on sale. This is recycling at its very best. I love the idea. Thank you for the heads up. All good wishes for a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year. Cheers Virginia

  3. I love this!
    I might use your idea, this year.
    Still, I have a lot of fabulous European Vogue magazines from the 8o’s, when they were still large format.
    I rip out great coloured pages for wrapping, and to make paper flowers.
    Thanks, Virginia! xoxoxoxo

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