BEL’OCCHIO  is Italian for “the beautiful eye”.  BEL’OCCHIO  reminds us to see beauty in the simple things … a collection of stones, some drift wood, old tattered books.

We live in the country,  south of Vancouver.   The quiet country surrounds us.  The mountains to the North and East of us  create an impressive horizon.  Yet a short drive away we have the energy and excitement of a big city.

My family and my friends help define my life  You’ll find them slipping in and out of my blogs.  My woman friends are so supportive of me.  I am fortunate that even as I have grown older  new friends have come into my life and continue to  play an important part of it.  Many of my new friends are several decades younger than me.  They keep me young, and I hope in exchange I share some wisdom with them


My past professional background is reflected in my continuing interests.  For over twenty years I worked  as  a television and radio writer, writer of documentary films and my own television show.  The love of the written words is an integral part of me.

My daughter Roxanne was two years old when she appeared on a  Christmas television show I co-hosted with Jimmy Scarrow (now the mayor of Prince Albert Sask


For the love of food

I am besotted with food.   It is my life.  My father was a chef .  The first thing he taught me was pastry making. A strange choice but reflecting back I believe he felt it was a simple recipe… flour, butter, salt and water.  I was seven years old.     It was no surprise to my family when Chef husband and I opened the first of several restaurants.  We were very proud of our French restaurant, Roxy’s Bistro.  Where To Eat In Canada listed it in the Top One Hundred Canadian Restaurants.


For the love of books

You can never have too many books! Books are everywhere in our home.  Stacked three feet high beside my bed.  Turning the dinging room table into a library table.  In baskets by the door. in case one wants to grab a book and read in the sun.  There’s shelter books by the dozen.  Hundreds of cookbooks.  A multitude of novels and reference books, travel books and history books.  Books by the bathtub for luxurious soaks and reads.  Y0u simply can not have too many books.


For the love of food – cooking for family and friends

Indeed my kitchen is the heart of our home.  It’s part of the generous family room, and definitely the center of all the entertaining and visiting with family and friends.  I collect jugs and pitchers, iron stone platters, old copper, soup tureens.  I love dishes and bowls in white and blue, in the shape of fruit, flowers and vegetables, and anything French.

When we retired from the restaurant business we continued to share our love of food with others.  for several years  we taught cooking classes.  Some of the students who came to learn more about cooking became close friends.

The saying “when one door closes another opens” is certainly true.  We created a second blog, a food blog called MRS. BUTTERFINGERS.  Now I share my love of all things food in my new persona of MRS. BUTTERFINGERS.

For the love of art

The Good Husband and I mark birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions (the first snowfall??) with art.   We especially  search out new, young artists.  We feel honoured to own a part of them.

I sew anything and everything; my daughter-in-law’s wedding dressing, slip covers, Chanel inspired  couture suits .  I  collect beautiful fabrics and  textiles.  Some have sat quietly in the cupboard for years  awaiting transformation to a beautiful jacket or one-of-a kind decorative pillow or tablecloth.

For the love of decorative painting

If it doesn’t move I paint it, or marble  it, or gold leaf it, or cover it with roses.  I’m  very fond of anything French.    This table tells the story of a woman who has received a letter from a long ago lover.  Should she answer it?

For the love of altered books

The move from altering furniture to altering books was logical.  There’s only so much furniture you can fit into your home.    I take discarded, unwanted old books  and alter them with paint, ephemera,  stamps, fabric  anything I can glue down to tell a story.

For the love of music

And always in our home –  music.   Everything from my favorite opera  Gounod’s Faust to Willie Nelson,  Patsy Cline to Cecilia Bartoli and Fado from Portugal.

I like to watch movies that make me smile. The Wizard of Oz, a movie of my childhood, is my most favorite..   There’s the wonderful black and white films of Humphrey Bogart , the lush  Merchant-Ivory film. I am a major  fan of   Hell Boy.  A bit of an usual choice, but then he is an unusual hero.

For the love of flea markets and thrift shops


The best place to clean silver is outside in the sunshine.

Ah… the thrill of the hunt.  The discovery of treasure you didn’t know you wanted.  I haunt flea markets,  second-hand stores and Thrift Shops.  I  collect old silver and china,  vintage fashions and anything else that calls my name.    I collect books on art, decorating, cooking, fashion, gardening, anything under the sun.  I drag home unwanted furniture, faded sofas, and restore them to a new life.

For the love of home and garden

My grandfather was an avid gardener.  He regularly won silver cups for his dahlias and sweet-peas at our Prince Albert Fair.  I take inspiration from him and his love of gardening.    My garden is a cottage style garden  filled with old-fashioned flowers, blowing hither and yon in the wind.  Dancing to their own tune.

For the love of Paris

If I could live in any city in the world it would be Paris.    I discovered in Paris a sensibility  unlike any I have ever encountered.  A Paris made-up of moments stolen from passing time.  A Paris where one can find fragments  of Proust,Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Paul  Sartre,  and Coco  Chanel.   I will always have Paris in my heart.

For the love of home and husband

Our home is   “a work in progress”.   And when I run out of things to do at home I help my friends with their decorating challenges.    I am always  bringing home old mirrors, pictures  and furniture.  There’s a charm to things once owned by others.     They bring mystery into our home and intrigue into our lives.     I don’t shop furniture stores.  I recycle, reuse, reinvent, remodel and remake things.    I call my style “humble elegance”.

Ours  is a home of fairy tales and whimsey,  love and romance.    It brings me much joy and happiness to share it with all who read my blog.

163 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. My dear Meece….how I loved reading about you from your perspective; which is exactly who you are. So many times I have watched as you changed some old piece into a thing of beauty,eaten wonderfully presented and delicious meals at your table, been the benefactor of your beautifully sewn gifts of love, spent time in the fairyland that is your home, received huge bouquets of flowers from your well tended garden, seen the whimsy of your altered books and had your time as you generously offered tips on how to start such a hobby. I have listened as you read fairy tales because you were sure they would be more effective than pain medication, and indeed they were. The magic that is you is always so generously available to friends and strangers alike. You have and always will bring something precious to my life.


  2. I stumbled across your blog, looking for recipes. I love it!
    I also grew up in P.A. Sask…My name is Adrienne Hansen, nee Adrienne Marshall (Bruce), Nee Adrienne Lacroix. In January, ’12,
    a few of us PA gals will be getting together in the Haliburtin Highlands
    at my place for an annual visit….. Bonnie Ambrose, nee Hicks, Betty Boback, nee Zaparaniuk and Sylvia Beaton.We probably know many people in common, but I can’t figure out who you are.

    • Adrienne, I was three years ahead of you in school. I didn’t know you but when I worked at CKBI TELEVISION your uncle was one of the camera men. It’s a small world. Virginia

  3. I read your blog about the Blue Ribbon Cookbook and have been searching for the exact book that you have pictures. I was wondering if there was any chance at all that you might part with that Blue Ribbon Cookbook.

    • Cynthia, The Blue Ribbon Cookbook was my very first cookbook so I can’t part with it. But this is what I can do. I constantly cruise Thrift Shops and used book stores looking for vintage cookbooks and anything else that looks wonderfully old and used. If I come across one I will buy it for you, and let you know. They are never expensive. I will not forget you. I look forward to comments from you on my blog. Cheers Virginia

  4. Thank you for reading our blog and leaving your very thoughtful comments! We are grateful that you enjoy reading our blog and our musings about life. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog entries as you have a poetic style. A true inspiration for us.

    • I am always happy when I am in the kitchen cooking for friends and family. And even happier when I connect with those who read my blogs. Thank you chhunc for your comments. Virginia

      • Virginia, you’re welcome. I’m also happy when I sit in the kitchen eating food my mum make. I haven’t sat in my own kitchen for so long, and now you make me feel I’m there again. Thank you for reminding me I have a kitchen…a happy family. Love!

    • I would wear my ruby slippers. Fill a jug with red poppies. The music “some where over the rainbow” would linger in the kitchen. I would pour your tea from Maison Fondee in Paris. Rouge Sahara.

  5. Hi there!
    I’ve been having a lovely time strolling through your posts. Thank you so much for your kind comments at Polly’s. Imagine my surprise and delight to find that your name is also Virginia!!! I almost never hear of one and even less seldom meet one. You shall be my first Virginia friend : ) Most folks don’t know…but the Polly from my store and blog is actually the cat. lol I’m so jealous of your collection of iron wear. We have even more in common….my husband put himself through college cooking in a wonderful upscale Italian restaurant and I’m so fortunate that he cooks amazing meals for his family at home. We share a love of fine cooking.I’ll be waiting for your next post to enjoy.
    Warmest Regards,

    • Hi Ginny,
      What a delightful way to start my day – reading your note. We do share a great deal. You are now the second person I know who shares my name. One would like to think anyone called Virginia is clever, artistic and wonderful. The other Virginia is Virginia Johnson, a Canadian textile artist.
      My Good Husband is a brilliant chef (now retired). I was fortunate to meet someone who shared my passion for food, and had enough courage to embark on the adventure called “the restaurant business”. It’s in our blood. I love that we now share that passion in my blog Mrs. Butterfingers.

      How absolutely wonderful to hear from you.

  6. Dear Virginia,
    Thank you so much for liking my blog at http://www.artteachtravel.com ! I am so happy that you also commented. After looking at your blog, I see that we have many things in common, including Paris! I’ll be sure to keep an eye on your blog and I hope you do the same with mine!
    All the best…

    • Hi Anita,
      It is really quite wonderful to share common interests. I look forward to reading your blog and following your travels. You are an adventurous woman sharing your discoveries. And yes I am quite besotted with Paris. Virginia

  7. I found your blog via Chef Emil and am glad I did. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your home – you are truly talented and surrounded with beauty. I can relate to your love of books as I have them stacked everywhere also.

    • We are a pair of book addicts. I’m also a mag hag. What are you reading right now? I’ve just finished reading the most recent Henning Mankell. I like well-written detective mysteries,as well as good literature. I keep track of the long lists for various awards such as the Orange, The Booker, The Governor General and so on. Virginia

  8. I’d love to get loose in your cookbook collection. Mine is at around the three hundred mark. I have to cull periodically or they just get unmanageable… my friends and colleagues love it when I do that 🙂

    • It is a dangerous occupation John – this collecting of cookbooks. One has to be strong to resist, generous to share and brave to try some of the strange recipes one comes across. Oh, but the joy of cracking a new book. I can’t resist either. Virginia

  9. What a lovely window into your soul this page of your blog is – you have so many wonderful interests and beautiful collections of things in your home and your life. My husband and I also love Paris – have been twice and no doubt will return. Thanks again for visiting my cat Sam’s blog (!) and leaving such a lovely comment about him. Come back and see him (us) any time!

    Pam (and Sam)

    • Pam, we are a cat – less house. We so mourned the passing of our two cats of twenty years, Sybil and Basil, we have not been able to bring any furry little darlings into our home. Perhaps this year we will adopt a little rescue kitty. I’m getting my cat fix for the now, from Sam.

      • Oh I know how it is to lose a furry friend – in fact it was over a year after our cat Eddy passed that we decided to visit our local shelter and fell in love with a tiny ginger kitten. Since you’ve had cats you know how lovely it is to “feel the love” from a feline – any cat who would join your household would be VERY lucky. I’m glad you’re enjoying Sam’s blog and he and I BOTH are enjoying your comments!

        Pam (with Sam on my lap)

  10. Dear Virginia, I thought I was following you, but apparently I wasn’t, but now I am! I just loved reading about you and your accomplishments, loves and passions! Love it, love it! I am truly honored you enjoy my writing, as I am no professional…simply all from the heart! Thank you for your support and I’m glad to have met you! Hugs, Lauren

  11. I see I have got a new friend, who has such a rich loving life 🙂 . I am truely glad to know you. We keep in touch.

    thanks beautiful eyes, i guess more than just eyes, you have a beautiful sight !

  12. Hey Virginia I have just discovered your site and I have to say its been
    Such an inspiration . My husband and I are leaving in 22days for London then on to Paris to celebrate our anniversary . This will be our
    First time in Paris and a dream that I never thought would come to be.
    I have had to battle my way threw illness the past few years so while I am no spring chicken I think the magic of Paris will be savored like a aged bottle of wine . I have also been surrounded with a culinary family
    Growing up and so I followed the tradition and became a Chef with a love of Italian food however the Texas rebel in me ran to New York were I worked with a Master French Chef who started my love affair
    with French cuisine . Now almost twenty years later I live in Seattle
    And married to a Swedish Man ! All that to say I love your site and if you have any advise about Paris I would love to here it.
    Janine Lundberg

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  14. Merry Christmas Dearest Virginia and Wonderful Husband! We had our most elegant and delightful Christmas Eve Dinner with friends, and as I promised you, we began the meal with a toast to you, the husband and to the memory of Roxanne. We all sent you the wishes for a most beautiful Christmas filled with love, laughter and bubbly, of course!

    • And a merry, merry Christmas to you Tin Man. How precious for us to be included in your Christmas Eve dinner. How very fortunate we are to have this connection. I must admit I looked thoughtfully at the telephone. You were just a ring away. Ah… Perhaps another time. The Good Husband and I wish you and all those you love, a healthy and happy New Year. With enormous affection. Virginia

  15. Dear Ms. Virginia,
    I was looking at the Sound of Music costumes you made, and thought they were just great! My high school is doing the Sound of Music, and I was wondering….very boldly, if you wouldn’t mind making the salior costumes for us? We will pay you of course, or if you cannot find the time to make them do you think you could send me a pattern or guide that you used?

    • Kate, thank you for the good words about my Sound of Music costumes. I’ve had a lot of questions re these costumes. All to do with the pattern. There doesn’t seem to be an appropriate one ANYWHERE. I searched long and hard and so have the many who written me with a similar request. The best I can tell you is how I created them. All the tops were made from a simple “scrub” pattern. This is a pattern in most books on scrubs for hospital staff. I cut the neckline a little larger and made a separate oversized collar. I attached it just to the back of the shirt and sewed velcro tabs to the front. Unfortunately I don’t have that collar pattern anymore. I do wish I had kept it as it would have helped the many who want to make these costumes. The boy’s shorts were made from a pj bottom pattern with elastic waist. I made a simple full skirt gathered on an elastic band. I used narrow brilliant blue grograin ribbon for the trim. Everything was just a little over the top so even from the back row of the theatre you could see the costumes. I had the height and chest measurements of the children. Each costume had to be adjusted for the individual. Then I started sewing on an assembly line basis. It took about two weeks to finish the costumes When I took the costumes to the highschool and the children were so excited they cheered. All worth the effort.

  16. How lovely I came across your blog. We share the same likes for books, art, etc except that I cannot have my garden now since we live in a high-rise building. Your bookshelves have quite a similarity to the ones in our house. Jo 🙂

    • What would the world do without Ikea. I use their bookshelves in various places through out my house. In the pantry they proudly display good things to cook into marvelous meals. In my atelier/sewing room/artist’s studio paint supplies and fabrics and even books. Some end up in the garage to hold gardening supplies. What on earth would we do without Ikea.

    • The sauces are lined up on the kitchen counter. First of all I have to show them to all my friends. Meanwhile we are tasting each one. Oh joy, oh delight, this is the best, the very best. V.

  17. Amazing pictures and wow so many books. I love books. Unfortunately at the moment I cannot have many on my room (due to space) but one day I’ll have my room full of book 🙂
    And the decoration, cooking, flowers owww. I’m just in love with your blog 🙂

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  19. Gosh, I just looked over your blog (you were kind enough to visit mine) and saw myself in so many parts of your “about” section–books, Paris, fleaing, food, etc.! I’m a new follower now and look forward to reading about your creative life! And I am green with envy about the location where you live. It’s the area my husband and I picked out years ago to move to but we were anchored here by jobs and kids. Ah well—it’s never too late! Gayle

    • Gayle I so was taken by YOUR blog. Like you I saw so much of myself in your blogs. Isn’t it lovely how we can connect like this. I am so looking forward to catching up on everything you do. Cheers, Virginia

  20. Judy when I went to your blog all I could do was smile. It is a delight. But even more wonderful is how we are connected. We share so many interests. When I started writing my blog I had absolutely no idea of the unexpected pleasures it delivered. l The most important part of my blog is connecting with people of like minds. I feel my world has expanded a million times over because of people like you. Welcome to my world. I am thrilled to meet you. Virginia

  21. How nice to enjoy the cooking passion as a career and have so many fun interests! I love both cooking and gardening so much but both use of so much time and energy! What I cook the most is Chinese food, sometimes other culture food. It is always fun to try something fun and different! Nice blog you have!

  22. I still love reading this blog. I have enjoyed so many of the recipes, and of course I am one of the lucky ones that have enjoyed your company.

    Think of you often my friend and one day I know you will be ready for a road trip.

    Love your far away friend
    Donna Hall

    • Donna, I look out the window as I write this. I can see the snow topped mountains … and I can see the happy days.. the glass of vino .. the sitting in the sun in Mexco and watching the sun go down behind the barn. XXOO Virginia

  23. Hi Virginia. Jill has once again reminded me of your great recipe site. Being creative is number one over in Malaysia, and you just gave me a treat to make when I again find another RM25 head of cauliflower. I was tickled when I took the last one home and made the lazy person version of curried cauliflower, but the two roasted versions will be company fare once I snag another little delight. I am sure anyone in Canada cannot visualize someone thinking a cauliflower head is the piece de resistance. But it is for me when I see a sea of weedy looking things that double as veggies on a daily basis.

    Fran E

    • We take a lot for granted here, Fran. We have access to so much – I see vegetables and fruits from all over the world – nothing is every really out of season. That said, I am most thrilled with the vegetables I grow in my garden. Now if I could just convince my brother not to boil cauliflower to mush and that slather it with a cheese sauce. Virginia

    • I thought your photograph of “out your back door” on Celi’s blog is a bucolic dream, Lynda. It is the personification of what one look for in the perfect country home. Virginia

  24. Oh, Virginia, thank you so much for seeking me out! I have had to face and overcome some health issues in recent weeks. Then on the 11th of May I had surgery that was supposed to be only a one night stay in the hospital. There were complications and I stayed three nights in ICU and one night in a regular room before I could come home.

    Today I am much better and able to get out and walk for thirty minutes. But at this age it takes longer to recover! I will have to have some follow-up treatment as a preventative measure, but I hope to be done by sometime in July. I meant to post something about being away but I didn’t seem to know what to say. My health has always been good so this was a surprise for me. I am positive about my recovery and grateful for every day. Husband has taken good care of me!

    I have only been back online for a couple of days and know I have missed your wonderful posts and those of the Tin Man. It will be a pleasure to catch up on all of them. You both have given me courage and heart to get back to my blog. Life is indeed precious. Thank you for being a friend! I will say hello to the Tin Man also.

    • You don’t have to say anything Jo Nell. Only what you want to. It is good to hear from you. I can appreciate your situation – I have been through it. It is such a shock when this happens to you. Simply take care – and post a blog when YOU feel like it. XXOO Virginia

  25. I knew something was wrong! I am so glad she is okay and back home. She was in the hosptial only 20 minutes from me!! They drove home during horrible flooding here! Poor things. I am glad she is better. Guess it’s time to throw more flowers in Budda’s lap…..this time for our sweet Jo Nell.

  26. Virginia ~ You are so full of life and love. Thank you for sharing a piece of your beautiful self on here. I feel invigorated by your passions. It’s surely making the world brighter.
    I look forward to seeing more of your shine.
    Andrea 🙂

    • It is my pleasure Andrea to share a tiny bit of my life. It is correspondence like yours that gives me the greatest joy. When I started writing my blog THIS was the most wonderful of unexpected experiences. Because of Bel Occhio I consider I have dear friends all over the world. Virginia

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  28. Best birthday wishes to you, Virginia! The Tin Man gave a fine tribute to you on his blog. You both bring magic to every day and I am fortunate to have found you in the magical world of blogging. May your day be especially magical filled with love and beauty!

    • Jo Nell you are part of this world. Our magic carpet lets us travel and visit each other. My dream is one day to make this carpet a reality and see all of you in person. XX V.

  29. My dear Virginia,
    I feel inspired to design an”Art Gown” out of what I can find around my home and my studio.
    I feel this is for you.
    If this is not good for you let me know.
    It will take me at least a month to execute this.
    Resa xo

  30. This is the BEST ever About page. I really do feel that I know you. Along with the Tin Man, you inhabit the wonderful land of Oz, skipping about in your ruby slippers. Since I was named after Judy Garland, I feel like an inhabitant also. You and I are the same age (if my math is correct, something always rather tentative) — but you look fabulous and have approximately twice the energy that I do! We share so many interests, books, food, beauty, art, love-of-husband, and of course — we’ll always have Paris! So happy to have made your acquaintance here in the world of Blog.

    • My dear dear Friend. How wonderful to meet a fellow Oz lover. This is a magic place – for now along with The Tin Man I have met you, Judy. I was born in l935 – and this is a movie that made an enormous impact on my young life. I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Oh yes … don’t forget to wear your ruby slippers, click them together three times for there is no place like home. Virginia

  31. Dearest Friends, we spent the most delightful morning at Claufouti! We walked the neighborhood and sat in the park, thinking and speaking of you the entire time. Alas, the white squirrels did not come to visit. Thank you ever so for this magical place.

    • How wonderful to think of you enjoying West Queen West – my hood in Toronto. I have such precious memories of the neighborhood – my daughter lived just th other side of that beautiful park. Unbelievable excitement here anticipating your arrival. XX V.

    • When I was young the night before Christmas the local radio station would give us a running commentary of where Santa Claus had been spotted. This created such delicious anticipation of his arrival. We are enjoying this same excitement as we follow The Tin Man and Augustine across Canada. XX OO V.

      • Tinny we are not on Face Book. Banff is a beautiful place. I learned to ski at Banff – in my salad days. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy your adventures. XX V.

  32. I confess, Virginia, that I have been following the travels of the Tin Man and Augustine for the past few days via your blog. I cannot wait until he posts pictures and details of his trip, including the visit to you. He does travel in style, doesn’t he? Enjoy his visit.

    • This is all quite wondrous. The VIP’s of the Emerald City are arriving very very soon. Such excitement Jo Nell. I have been polishing my ruby slippers along with everything else that doesn’t move. XX V.

      • Our time in Banff has come to an end. We walked the banks of he still frozen Lake Louise ans Emerald Lake, enjoyed the grandness of Natural Bridge ans marveled at the engineering of the Spiral Tunnels. Off for a ride on the Icefields Parkway and perhaps another walk on the glacier then aboard the Via Canadian for our overnight train ride to Vancouver…….soon we shall meet…..what excitement! Oh, Jo Nell, would that you could join us!

      • Our meeting will be a party of six Tinny. Jo Nell and Theadora will be there – a great meeting of the minds – and now at long last – in person!! Golly gosh gee whiz I am so excited I’m floating on air. XX V.

  33. Enjoyed your blog immensely. I have many of the same interests, save gardening. Alas, I have a brown thumb. Books are scattered throughout the house. I also have a small Library basket in my van. Summer garage sales fill my winter reads. i tend to read 2 -4 books at the same time, my car book, my bed book, my restaurant book, and my bible study book. Enjoyed the pic of you with Jim Scarrow. May I enquire as to your maiden name, for we may have met during your Prince Albert days. will be listing you on my favorites.

    Pat Graham (nee Jerome)

    • Hi Pat.
      Are you any relations to the Graham’s who lived off 6th ave. West on 23rd st? My maiden name is Bassett. Re are related to all the Bassett’s in P.A. The hospital was named after my cousin.
      What are your favorite writers and what genre’s do you prefer??
      As a matter of interest to me – how did you find my blog?

      How lovely of you to join me on Bel’Occhio.

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  37. The simplest things are the most difficult to get right. It is the essence of their simplicity that makes them so perfect. This is a mantra that I use in my food blog MRS BUTTERFINGERS. This is the how I try to live my life. Take joy in the small events of life dear friend..

  38. Virginia, yesterday I received your e-mail and replied. However, this morning I had a message that it had been “delayed” somehow by your server. Perhaps there is trouble connecting South Texas with Canada! ha! Please let me know if you do not get it. The Tin Man offered to send it via his e-mail. For now, thank you so much for sharing. I shall wish you well and have you in my thoughts! Tin Man promised to share information with me. May love, light and beautiful thoughts carry you through! Much love to you, dear friend!

    • Jo Nell it was the birthday to end all birthdays. I planned it. I cooked it. I decorated it. I had the most wonderful of times with my siblings. My two sisters made the long journey from our home town…. and I did not know they were coming. It was glorious.

      • How wonderful to have your two sisters there with you to celebrate your glorious day! May there be many more! If you did it all, I am sure it was the best! Any more another birthday is fine with me, Cheers to the years!

  39. GOOD DAY!I am ww.THEVINATGECONTESSA.NET and a READER of mine a MRS. TORTOISE told me about YOU. WE share A LOT in common!I think I have SUBSCRIBED…….it did not ask for my email address???I will be back!

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