Disclaimer and Copyright

Disclaimer: The views expressed on Bel’Occhio.wordpress.com are solely those of the blog post author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of other organizations with which the author is associated.

Copyright: The copyright to all content on this blog belongs to Bel’Occhio.wordpress.com and to the author of the content.

You are allowed to repost or republish an excerpt from a Bel’Occhio.wordpress.com blog post or page provided that the following terms are met:

Attribution: Credit the source as Bel’Occhio.wordpress.com and the individual author by name.

Link Back: Provide a hyperlink back to the Bel’Occhio.wordpress.com post or page from which the excerpt was taken. The link should point to the URL (Permalink) of the specific post, not to the Bel’Occhio.wordpress.com home page.

Limited Republishing: You may not republish the blog post in its entirety without first obtaining permission.

Non-commercial Use: You may not use Bel’Occhio.wordpress.com content or sell                              Bel’Occhio.wordpress.com content for commercial purposes.

Photographs: All photographs and other images posted on Bel’Occhio.wordpress.com  identified as  THE BEAUTIFUL EYE are the property of Bel’Occhio.wordpress.com and the originating contributor.  All other photographs were obtained from Google Images and  we thank the contributor.


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