II DOLCE FAR NIENTE – the sweetness of doing nothing

It is a perfect day in the country.   A seductive whisper of a breeze carried the perfume of freshly cut hay drying in the brilliant sunshine.    I sipped my freshly brewed French press coffee on the front patio.  This is our version of a front porch.  We watch the world and our neighbors drive by.  Friends and even total strangers wave.

Today I am doing absolutely nothing.  I am taking time to celebrate the one week anniversary of the best news in the world.  The heavy specter of  cancer is history.  Five years of this has left its mark. Now I am doing everything in my power to erase it.  Today is the sweetness of doing nothing.

This is a modern extravagance.  The luxury of time.  It is not idleness.  It is not inactivity.  It is not navel gazing. This is the state of being contemplative.

The sweetness of doing nothing.