This is the perfect dessert to serve with your Easter Dinner.  It’s quick and simple to make.  It requires just two bowls (no mixer required), and you can dress it up in any number of ways.  Serve it with your favorite ice cream or whipping cream, fresh fruit or your favorite home-made preserves.

You can make this delicious cake up to two days in advance; store at room temperature, tightly wrapped SUNSHINE LEMON BUTTERMILK CAKE is a lovely cake for young cooks to make (with adult supervision).


I would love to share a slice of my birthday cake with everyone who reads my post.  Since that is not possible I will share the recipe with you.  The cake is called BETE NOIRE (the black beast).  It is a flourless chocolate cake that is divinely decadent and addictive beyond belief.  BETE NOIRE was the signature desert of our restaurant ROXY’S BISTRO.  This is a serious adult chocolate cake. It makes an elegant presentation and if you follow the recipe exactly you will have chocolate lovers swooning at your feet.  The recipe is on my food blogMRS. BUTTERFINGERS.