HUMMINGBIRD CAKE . . . hums to a new tune.

This cinnamon scented layer cake.    This  dense cake of banana and pineapple.  This spice cake with sumptuous cream cheese icing.  This Humming Bird cake with retro origins has become the favorite of all cake recipes on MRS. BUTTERFINGERS.

It’s a joy to make.      It doesn’t require a stand mixer.    Just two mixing bowls, some very ripe bananas, pineapple and the usual suspects when making a cake.   I’ve made  some changes to the recipe.   The most important one is the pineapple.  I’ve replaced the crushed pineapple with chopped pineapple tidbits.  The quality of the pineapple pieces is superior to crushed pineapple.   Now when you nibble your way through a gorgeous slice of Hummingbird  cake you encounter brilliant bursts of pineapple flavour.

Tuck this recipe for HUMMINGBIRD CAKE into your apron pocket.  It’s the perfect cake for the cottage.  It’s large enough for big family gatherings.  And best of all its wonderful goodness  stays fresh for the several days.

MRS.BUTTERFINGERS has the new, improved and slightly changed recipe.





Lemons glorious  lemons.

Grate the rind, squeeze the juice, whip together sugar and eggs and you create pure alchemy.

This golden dessert is a creation that is heavenly beyond words.  It has the most decadent puckery lemon flavour.  The base is a delicate combination of just the right amount of butter, sugar and flour to contain the shimmery lemon beyond lemon topping. It is the classic dessert for an elegant dinner party.  You can embellish it with fresh seasonal fruits.   Make it magnificent with mounds of whipped cream.  Or simply dust it  with icing sugar and serve it in all its pristine glory.

This dessert is a reputation making recipe.  Join me in the kitchen and click on LEMONY LEMON LEMON SQUARES.