There are those days when you want to bite into an oatmeal cookie that’s a little over the top.   A  superlative chewy cookie with just the right amount of  old fashioned rolled oats, nuts, chocolate and fruit.  A cookie with deep molasses flavor, light and crisp on the outside and chewy, dense and soft in the center. A cookie of such divine decadence that just one cookie is simply not enough.  This may just be the ultimate, outrageous oatmeal cookie.

This is an oatmeal cookie recipe you can claim as your own.  Substitute pecans or hazelnuts for the walnuts or dried cranberries for the cherries.    Quick oats can be substituted for the old-fashion oats, but they will yield a cookie with slightly less chew.   Other than the options be sure to follow the remaining ingredients to the letter.  It is the extra moisture found in brown sugar and the combination of baking powder and baking soda that produces a cookie  that is thin,  light and crisp on the outside, and chewy in the middle.  These cookies really spread so be sure to allow 2 to 2 1/2 inches between cookies.

MRSBUTTERFINGERS has the recipe.  Bon Appetit dear friends.





Blackberries grow wild and unruly steps from my kitchen door. Fat bumblebees hum happily as they flit from delicate white blackberry flower to flower. Wearing  a heavy shirt to protect my arms from attacking thorns I can cheerfully  spend a glorious afternoon plundering the blackberry vines.

I return to the kitchen my lips and fingers stained black from the ripe, warm fruit  and sprinkle blackberries over homemade vanilla ice cream.  Pure heaven!!

Blackberries freeze well and I fill my freezer for baking during the winter months.     Tonight  for dessert I am making a luscious Blackberry Cobbler.  The aroma of baking blackberries will fill my kitchen with the smells of summer.

Just be sure you put your baking dish in a pan or on a cookie sheet when you make BLACKBERRY COBBLER.





The ultimate shortbread is worth its weight in gold.   It must have just the right amount of butter.  Butter creating a rich flavour and  crumbling texture.  Then there should be a whisper of vanilla.  Not too much sugar.  The perfect measure of flour.   There is a joyful sense of the occasion when you make shortbread.  You generally only make this mouth-watering cookie at Christmas, and it is always worth waiting twelve months to enjoy.

What is so wonderful about baking shortbread –  it contains no exotic ingredients.  It is simply butter, sugar and flour.  There are a few secrets to making the perfect shortbread.  I share them with you when you bake CLASSIC SHORTBREAD FINGERS




Lemons glorious  lemons.

Grate the rind, squeeze the juice, whip together sugar and eggs and you create pure alchemy.

This golden dessert is a creation that is heavenly beyond words.  It has the most decadent puckery lemon flavour.  The base is a delicate combination of just the right amount of butter, sugar and flour to contain the shimmery lemon beyond lemon topping. It is the perfect dessert to serve after your epic Christmas dinner.  Not too rich with a refreshing flavour.  You can embellish it with fresh seasonal fruits.   Make it magnificent with mounds of whipped cream.  Or simply dust it  with icing sugar and serve it in all its pristine glory.

Join me in the kitchen and click on LEMONY LEMON LEMON SQUARES.





This is probably one the quickest and easiest coffee cakes on the planet.   It’s from a much loved and tattered Robin Hood Flour Recipe book.  You should have all the ingredients in your pantry, and you can whip it up with just a few minutes notice.  Perfect to have in your apron pocket for unexpected visitors.  This CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE makes a lovely breakfast or brunch treat.  This coffee cake is a thrifty little recipe.  Leave out the walnuts and it costs you almost nothing to whip up.

I have been baking this sweet little coffeecake for fifty years. and I never get tired of it.  For the recipe just click on CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE and let the gorgeous aroma of this cake baking fill your kitchen.



Years ago I found the perfect muffin recipe printed in our local newspaper.  Several moves and the recipe disappeared.  I tried other recipes but it wasn’t the perfect muffin recipe I knew and loved.

Then I discovered my favorite cookbook writer, Ina Gartner’s muffin recipe; deeply flavoured, gorgeously moist and chock full of good things like chunky bananas, raisins and walnuts.  I’ve adapted her recipe,  and you can vary this recipe by substituting  well drained and diced pineapple chunks and other dried fruits.  This is a generous recipe  – lots of muffins to enjoy now or tuck into your freezer.  You’ll find the recipe by clicking on GOOD MORNING CHUNKY BANANA CRANBERRY MUFFINS


YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE . . . The Perfect Recipe for a Classic Apple Pie!


Of all our senses it is the sense of smell that sends rushes of memories through your mind.

Early this morning I walked down to Home Farm.  The trees in the small orchard were hung round with apples.

Like a gathering of Christmas Trees.

I held a fresh picked apple to my nose and  instantly I am a child again.

The first of the McIntosh apples had arrived.   A wooden box full of apples, shining like precious rubies, filled the kitchen with fragrant perfume.   They were like rare and beautiful jewels from an exotic place called The Okanagan.   A brilliant coloured painted vista of apple trees, pasted to the end of the wooden box, created a picture in my mind  that The Okanagan must be a place like Oz.

Breathless with excitement I looked for the perfect apple.  The apple with a bit of leaf attached to the stem.  Then the first bite – crisp, crunchy with a glorious tart flavour that made the back of my tongue tingle. That day I discovered what the saying “the apple of my eye” was all about.


I carried these childhood memories of the supreme joy of apples home and into the kitchen.  There I baked them into the perfect apple pie.


Still warm from the oven I  cut two big slices.  Made a lovely pot of Darjeeling tea.   Then Lar and I carried our indulgences out into the sunny afternoon.

You can share this pleasure.  Just click on the name THE CLASSIC APPLE PIE and start baking.



You are never going to forgive me for making these cookies and sharing the recipe.  Of all the cookies I have made I give  these MEXICAN CHOCOLATE COOKIES the highest rating.  The unusual combination of bittersweet chocolate  mellows the heat of black and red pepper and creates a cookie with a flavour that is out of this world.  The cookie is both crisp and chewy.   For a final ying and yang flavour your sprinkle a little Malden salt over the little darlings.  If the salt seems a little daring dust your cookies with a little powdered sugar.  Bet you can’t eat just one !!

Dear Mrs. Butterfingers,

You made it sound impossible to live without tasting a few from your Mexican Chocolate delights. That being the case, I feel it only fair that you consider filling your linen lined basket with these yin and yang specialties,  flying throughout the night, while stopping to enter  the  homes of others through open windows, key holes, balconies, or whatever suits for I am loathe to think of such a delivery occurring differently in our fantasy land.  Let it be your magical mystery tour.

I wonder what one leaves to treat the the cookie faerie…….  I expect you would be drawn to bits of french ephemera, exotic spices , rich fabrics and books of poetry. If I knew you were taking flight, samples of each could be  found in a basket that awaits return to you. Enter as you will but I shall be waiting, even if in the arms of Morpheus for I know the faerie often enters under the cover of night.

Your beloved hot chocolate Biscuit.