If there ever was a time we needed comfort food it is today.     Something sweet to sooth the soul and have you smiling with delight.  A jelly roll to the rescue.    What a delightful idea.  Bake a cake.   Spread jam on it and roll it up.  Easy, peasy.   The ingredients  are all there in your kitchen – eggs, sugar, flour, flavouring and jam.

A classic sponge cake is not difficult to make.  Simply carefully follow the instructions. The eggs must be a room temperature, or a little warmer, and then beaten with sugar for at least ten minutes, or until thickened, tripled in bulk and full of air. It requires no leavening other than the air that is beaten into the eggs.  Carefully fold in the flour being careful not to disturb the air bubbles too much.  Then spread into the prepared pan

Don’t over bake your cake.  It will not roll easily and will crack. Depending on your oven bake for 18 to 20 minutes.  ( I hesitate to suggest the 20 minutes  but your oven may be on the cool side.)

While your cake is baking sprinkle a clean dish towel with sugar.  As soon as you take it out of the oven lay the long edge of your pan on the towel  and turn out your cake.

Lift the pan off the cake.

Trim the edges of your cake and then peel off the paper.  Trimming the cake makes it easier to roll.

While the cake is still warm starting with the short end roll the cake  and lay it with the edge seam side down.  Let it cool thoroughly before unrolling and filling.  If you are apprehensive about rolling the cake use the towel to help you.   When the cake is cool carefully unroll the cake and towel.

Use any desired filling.  Jam, jelly, lemon curd, whipped cream.  Just be sure it spreads easily.  If the jam or jelly is a little thick heat it gently before spreading it on the cake.  Using a small strainer dust the cake with lots of icing sugar.  You can also frost the cake with your favourite frosting.

This recipe calls for superfine granulated sugar and pastry or cake flour.  If you don’t have these in your pantry it is easy to make them.  For superfine sugar put at least one and a half cups of granulated sugar into your food processor and process for a few seconds.  Not too long or you’ll end up with sugar powder.   Measure your sugar after you have processed it.   You can always find a use for extra  super fine sugar.

For pastry or cake flour do this.  Take one cup of flour and remove two tablespoons of flour.  Add two tablespoons of corn starch (corn flour) to the cup. I put two cups of this mixture through a sifter five  to six times.    From this take the required amount of flour for your recipe.    Set aside the extra cake flour for future use.

The happy little jelly roll recipe awaits you in MRS.BUTTERFINGERS kitchen.

Bon Appetit dear friends.  Take care.  Stay safe.





SO VERY FRENCH LEMON TART . . . the perfect Easter dinner dessert!

This lemon tart, a  sublime combination of buttery crisp cookie-like crust,  silky lemon filling and decadent freshly  whipped cream is the perfect ending to Easter dinner.  The nibbling of chocolate Easter eggs.   The second helping at dinner.  All is forgotten.  All is forgiven when lemon tart is served.  Lemon cleanses the palate and refreshes the soul.  Later you may not remember the meal but you NEVER forget a truly amazing dessert.

The traditional  French dough recipe  is not difficult to make.  You must use a stand-mixer.  A hand-held mixer is not heavy enough to mix the dough.  The buttery dough makes a  delicate, crisp  crust.    Make the pie crust  a day ahead of time and the filling the next day.   The recipe makes enough for two pie crusts –  use one now and freeze the other for a delicious tart in your future.

Pierre Hermes is the inspiration for this stunning, sublime lemon cream (think curd) filling.  Hermes, a French pastry chef,  is famous for his unusually flavoured macaroons. The addition of a little orange zest calms the sharpness of the lemons.   The tart filling  has all the ingredients of the  traditional lemon curd but it is lighter and silky smooth.  The secret is the method used when adding the butter. It is simple to make,

I am repeating this dessert recipe  but when a recipe is good it bears repeating and remembering.   It is preferable to serving  store-bought pie unless you have access to a French patisserie.  See and read the how-to in the kitchen of MRS.BUTTERFINGERS.




 BEL’OCCHIO   …  the beautiful eye



Lovely, luscious lemons.

A bowlful of sunshine inspiring you to take and bake this heavenly LEMON CLOUD TART.


  The lemon filling naturally separates into two distinct layer when baked – a fluffy top layer lightened by the whipped cream, and a bottom layer of creamy lemon curd. Use your favorite pastry recipe, a store-bought shell  or a graham cracker-crumb base.  Just be sure your your shell will handle the volume of the filling.  If you do have any filling left over pour it into an oven proof custard cup and bake it along with your pie.  For the recipe click on




Hold a plump, silk-skinned  Meyer lemon in your hand.

Caress it.

Close you eyes and breathe its intoxicating perfume.

Imagine its sweet tart taste of honey and thyme  on your tongue.


A Mother’s Day gift from my son this sturdy little tree spent the summer in the sun.


Now it grows in a corner window catching the sunlight.


Today I began to harvest my Meyer Lemon Tree.  I’m anticipating what I shall do with this precious fruit.

Perhaps I’ll candy the peel, dust it with superfine sugar and serve it with a glass of sherry.

Or rub a little of peel around the rim of a delicate demitasse of espresso.

Then again I could arrange thin slices of Meyer Lemon on to a pizza crust, top it with goat cheese and just the smallest amount of fine chopped rosemary.

I’m thinking sweet thoughts about my very own Meyer Lemons.  Pure bliss would be to use them in lemon curd or custard.

Even easier would be to grate my Meyer lemon into a bowl full  of sweetened whipped cream.

I could celebrate my harvest of lemons with a lemon gimlet.  I would squeeze one of the little darlings, add it with a touch of zest, soda water  and a goodly amount of vodka to a sparkling cut- glass  tumbler.

I always have Prosecco in my refrigerator.  For a treat I would take the lemon juice, add some simple syrup and a strip of peel and top my champagne glass with Prosecco

To go with my cocktail or Bellini I would cut pumpernickel bread into the thinnest of slices, spread a little sour cream on the bread some smoked salmon, thinly sliced lemon and a sprinkle of capers.

Of course I could make lemonade, stuff a duck,  make preserved lemons, put it on poached salmon, make lemon gelato.

Or just put these treasures   in a blue bowl and enjoy.