I will tell you a story.

I have a house in Paris.



The door of my little house opens onto a quiet street.

Around the corner the open-air market.   Every morning  I fill my basket with rich cheeses and plunder from the country.

There’s an old bookstore.  Shelves musty with words.

And a tiny bistro with a zinc bar where my wine glass makes circles of happiness.




I have a little house in Paris with a courtyard.

Where grinning lions spill water into a stone-gray trough.

Water  to refresh body and soul on a hot summers day.





I have a little house in Paris.

With  sparsely furnished rooms leading into one another  – enfilade.

And ancient wooden floors that creak and complain.




Tall windows overlook the courtyard of my little house,

Tall windows where I hang linen curtains that  float and dance with every breeze.

The kitchen in my little house in Paris has cold stone floors.   An  ancient stove.   A wooden table scrubbed white.

My house,  my little house in Paris is in my mind.  To journey to it I have but to close my eyes and I am turning the key on the big front door.






















Crimson and gold velvet curtains hang heavy over the glass doors.

They are serious, rather formal.

They shut out the gloom of winter

And mirror the warming flames from the big stone fireplace.

I drew back the curtains.

April sunshine, glorious,  gladdening sunshine.

A morning sunshine that called for curtains that would billow

and  dance with every gust of spring breezes.

Tucked away awaiting the day

A pair of too long, leggy yellow linen curtains.

Ten foot curtains for an eight foot window.

You see these romantic flop over curtains in many of the French home magazines.

This is how to achieve that so chic French look.

Cut off the old pleating tape.  Cut the curtains to the correct size allowing for romantic pooling on the bottom.

Put a new hem on the wide strip left over from shortening the curtains.  Press the hem

Sewed new tape on the back of the long curtains.  Then sewed the strip on to the back of the curtains so it would flop and flounce over to the front when you hang the curtains.  .  Press this seam well.

I pulled the tape to adjust it to the open width and fastened the string ends.

Now pour yourself a glass of wine and sew the rings on.  Finished.

You can find tape like this at most fabric stores.  This header tape creates pleats but you also can find tape that simply gathers.

The left over fabric makes a romantic soft ruffle.  Not a bit of linen wasted!!

I call these my daffodil curtains.

“My heart with pleasure fills”.


“Fluttering and dancing in the breeze”.

(William Wordsworth 1804)