The roaring, wild twenties.

The beginning of jazz.

Women started taking a stand for more equal rights.

And  women abandoned their restrictive clothes and shortened their skirts.

I’m involved in a high school project – The Roaring Twenties.  Fanny the Flapper needs a costume that reflects the era. This is a challenge  for my teen-age friend.  Could I?  Would I?  Help?




Pining and pattern  planning.  I’ve found the fabric – now to make the pattern.  This is fun.




It’s a tiny dress form but the process for making a dress is exactly the same;  facings cut on the bias, pleated skirt and perfectly trimmed edgings.





The dress is finished.   It was part of a bigger project.  Oh yes – the project got an A mark.

A RABBIT TEACHES ME HOW TO PRIORITISE …. and put the magic back in my day

PRIORITISE:  To arrange items to be attended to in order of their relative importance.

October is a lovely time of year in the lower mainland.  The days are crisp sunny.  Flowers are still putting on a show.   I have a laundry list of things to accomplish today.  But first a stroll around the garden.  I lift my face to the sun.  Bask in its warmth.   I’m not alone.   A  gentleman rabbit, who has been helping me harvest beets all summer, was taking the rays under a hydrangea bush. Startled he took two giant hops into the driveway.  Then froze.  If he didn’t move I wouldn’t see him.  “Take the sun” I say. “You’ve a difficult,  cold winter ahead”. I walk back into the house.  Forget the laundry list.     It is magic I need today.  I need to be sewing velvet winter coats for rabbits.

The gentleman rabbit needs a rich velvet jacket.  Something with gold epaulettes.

In red velvet.

With a pocket for his watch.

And a  hat.  Surely Craig’s List would have a top hat to fit a rabbit.

Check under  Magicians  for a  top-hat, barely used by one rabbit.

Or perhaps something more military, more dashing.


For Mahitabel Rabbit, his sister,   a royal purple or perhaps moss green  velvet cape.

With a deep hood to keep  enormous ears warm.

Lined with ivory silk

Ruched and gathered.

And a tiny pocket for a purse embellished with for- get-me-nots.



The magic is back in my day.  I have prioritized.