This morning’s garden expedition is zucchini hunt.    The zucchini has an uncanny ability to hide its slender form under large, bristly leaves.   It masquerades as part of a thick stem.  The unsuspecting gardener turns her back and before you can say ratatouille  it becomes  a behemoth of a vegetable.

There is simply nothing more glorious than canning the bounty of your garden.  The heady fragrance of spices simmering in vinegar.  The chop chop chop sound as your knife flashes its way through mounds of vegetables. The wonderful feeling of accomplishment as you tuck away the jars of produce to enjoy in the months to come.

This recipe for ZUCCHINI RELISH is deliciously tangy and sophisticated  accompaniment for hot dogs, burgers, and any cold meats that require a little zing.   Slip over to the place I cook up wild and wonderful food.  Click on ZUCCHINI RELISH  and let the magic begin.  Bon Appetit dear friends.

CHICKEN TAGINE WITH SWEET POTATOES AND PRUNES … a easy to make recipe with an exotic flavour


This is a wonderful cold weather recipe.  The heady aroma of spices and seasonings  take you to the markets of Marrakesh and Morocco.  It’ s a great dish for entertaining especially when you want to serve your friends something different.   The recipe is in our new cooking blog Mrs. Butterfingers.  It is a work in progress.