THE MADNESS OF CROWDS . . . Louise Penny

This is not a book review.

This morning I finished reading THE MADNESS OF CROWDS. Louise Penny’s seventeenth book. Her finest, most honest and bravest of books. I began it with reluctance The subject post pandemic. I did not want to read about it. I was living it and wanted to escape. To be in the village of Three Pines. Sipping cafe au lait in the Bistro. Browsing the bookstore. Sitting on a bench in the village green. But I could not stop turning the pages. I read THE MADNESS OF CROWDS through the night. I read words of unspeakable horror. Of history repeating itself. Of ignorance driven by fear.

And when I turned the last page and read “ca va bien aller” (everything will be alright) I knew I had truly escaped to Three Pines. I drank hot chocolate lavished with whipped cream and watched snow falling outside the bistro windows. Unafraid I hugged friends and family and shared meals together. I wasn’t afraid.


Regretfully I turn the last page in my book,  A TRICK OF THE LIGHT.  Once again Louise Penny has taken me to  the fictional Quebec Village of Three Pines.   For too  brief a while I was living in Three Pines.  Buying books from Myrna,  enjoying beef Bourgogne in the Bistro,   listening to Ruth the poet.

Louise Penny’s writes  mystery novels.  But the mystery becomes part of the background.  What captivates you is her exquisite touch with the characters who inhabit her novels.  We want to follow them.  We want to know them better.  And this is what she delivers.

I think a lot about Three Pines.  Regardless of the murders I want to live in Three Pines.   There can  be no higher praise.