THE SECRET T0 NOT LOOKING YOUR AGE . . when you are a senior.



Yesterday I posted  blog about looking younger, slimmer no matter what your age.   I received some interesting comments e-mailed from a few friends and  acquaintances .     They felt the suggestions in the books were not realistic.     The general consensus  was –  why bother to do this when you’re older.  It’s too much of an effort.     Or even sadder – I’m too old to concern myself with appearances.  Nobody looks at me anyways.

This growing old is non-negotiable.    However, your attitude towards aging is your choice.    It’s a mind-set, and not just about appearances.   One  hears men and women say  they are old on the outside, but in their head they are still young.

I have many wonderful friends of various ages.  The youngest is nine years old.  She is an old soul.  We discuss the future (hers), do art projects  and watch movies together.  The next youngest friend  is 20 years old,  occasionally raids my closet and is planning to open her own business.

This is the secret to not looking old .  Don’t act your age. Don’t say you are too old to do something new.   Don’t dress your age.    Approach this time of your life with joy and confidence.

Be happy.

Smile.  Smile.  Smile.

Enjoy your  younger life.











25 thoughts on “THE SECRET T0 NOT LOOKING YOUR AGE . . when you are a senior.

    • Donna Hall. A new addition to our family. Callum is gettinga dog. It arrives on his birthday next week. A hunting dog!! It is a French short hair pointer from a breeder in the US. We are looking forward to the new addition to the family. Love Virginia

  1. You look fabulous! I have thought a lot about your last post. Yes, it is up to the individual and some people….women or men may not want to bother. One reason to bother though would be “for yourself”. If you look as good as you can you will feel as good as you can no matter what age you are. Other people always look at happy and confident people. It’s human nature. You know, I have a friend (60-ish) who is very much like you very elegant and dresses smart. She doesn’t spend a lot of money on new clothes but she dresses up what she has. I have been in a restaurant with her and people have stopped talking and looked at her (in a nice way) and then there have been ladies who have come into the room, very pretty young ladies but no one took any notice. Sorry this comment is quite long 🙂
    Flo x

    • Florence I appreciate your comments, and they are definitely not too long. We are on the same page. What is wrong with women and men who go about in public looking as if they had just washed the kitchen floor. It is not about money or lack of time, it is a sloppy attitude – a lack of caring about self. To cities where I definitely did not see this complete lack of grooming was Tokyo and Paris. Women didn’t wear exercise clothes on the street and I so very few wearing those tights without feet as pants. THEY’ER NOT! They are not flattering and when they show a women’s “lady parts” they are undignified. Three cheers for elegant, older women!!! XX Virginia

      • Great comment and response. Far too many willing to give in – take the easy/sloppy way out.
        As you said, attitude and smiles make up for so much. (And as some elegant lady once said a long time ago when high fashion was something to strive for and imitate “The older you get, the more expensive your sportswear must become” which I’ll add if you followed the advice in younger years to buy/sew classics and go for quality over quantity, any woman should eventually be well stocked.)
        Always admired Sophia Loren.

  2. You look amazing! 😀
    I agree with all you say, as I am practicing the same philosophy.
    The best is, SMILE! There is nothing like a frown (a smile upside down) to let you down.
    OMG! You’re getting a new dog in the family.Well, that will keep all young!
    Best, and pet the puppy for me! _Resa xoxo

  3. YOU are living proof of how a youthful attitude shines through on the outside. A lovely photo! My friends cluck their tongues at my long hair. It’s nice to see another woman who hasn’t succumbed to the short hair for older women “rule.”

    • What’s with this” cut your hair so short you look like a man from the back” ? I’ve also had people suggest my hair was too long for my age. I am grateful for my dear friend, who is a stylist, who keeps it long and beautifully conditioned. Cheers Virginia

    • I love clothes! I love shopping for clothes! I search Thrift shops for designer and vintage fashion and spend peanuts on my wardrobe. I have fun. Thank you for appreciating the yellow walls Contessa. I was inspired by Nancy Lancaster, the doyenne of design in England. Over 50% of our home is painted various shades of yellow. The colour of sunshine. Cheers Virginia

    • Merci dear Theadora. I balanced Michael Kors wide leg linen pants with cowl- neck silk and cashmere sweater. The Feragamo spectator pumps have a court heel. The best part – the brand-new pants, sweater and shoes were thrift shop finds. Your grandmother would approve of my bargain fashion buys. XX Virginia

  4. Virginia, you look as if are ready to step out on the streets of Paris for a photo shoot with Theodora! You are a classy lady in any country and an inspiration for all of us seniors. I hate that so many dress down for everything these days. One should care about how they look at any age. Not caring about how one looks is never a good sign mentally. As you told Theodora, you don’t spend a fortune on clothes and you look elegant. Cheers! Attitude about old age is everything!

    • My husband informs me that I definitely have attitude. And I cheerfully admit, Jo Nell, that I am also opinionated. Don’t get me started on women who cut their hair so short it is shaved at the back. Yikes!!!!

    • When I have an important event to attend I have my husband photograph me. Nothing like a photo to see if what you’re wearing is right or not! This outfit was for a casual country wedding. I ended up exchanging the silk sweater for a fitted black linen jacket. It worked!! Cheers Virginia

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