Growing up there were two very important dates in our lives  .  The first was Christmas day  and the other the Prince Albert Agriculture fair. We children lived in glorious anticipation of each date. Sister Heather and I planned for weeks ahead what we would wear. In those far away days one dressed in their very best to attend such an important event.  

  First Nations people played an important role in this Agriculture fair.    They pitched  their traditional teepees.   Dessed in ceremonial costumes and performed ceremonial dances.  They were a thrilling part of Going To The Fair.

The Fair was pink cotton candy, jewel red candy apples and fat cobs of corn dripping with butter.  It was the heady aroma of onions frying, sizzling burgers and french fries.    It was the shouting of the barkers inviting you into mysterious tents.   The  thrill of the  tilt-a-wheel, the merry-go-round, the Ferris wheel.

(the pavilion for horticultural, baking, sewing and 4-H club exhibits)

Best of all the fair was about exhibits;  kaleidoscopes of quilts, masses of gorgeous prize wining flowers, and our favorite, mouth-watering baking.  Sister Heather and I would patrol the baking exhibits, lingering long over the Blue Ribbon First prize winners.   It was butter tarts that captured my interest.  Their very rich name BUTTER tarts, said it all.  And, so began my lengthy love affair with butter tarts.

The butter tart recipe I used today came from THE HARROW FAIR COOKBOOK.    It’s filled with nostalgic photographs and prize-winning recipes.  It’s a joy to read.  I’ve changed the recipe only slightly.  Bake and enjoy.   THE HARROW FAIR  FIRST PRIZE BUTTER-TARTS.   The recipe is on my blog  MRS. BUTTERFINGERS.



  1. Virginia those tarts look heavenly : ) Thanks for sharing your memories of going to the fair….sounds like it left a lovely impression on you. Do they still have the fair? Do you still go? I hope at least you got to take your children to experience some of your happy memories.

  2. The tarts look so very devine and with each delicatable bite you can enjoy all those marvelous memories! I know in “Virginia’s World” so many wonderful events are going on! Enjoy, my dear and thank you for sharing this recipe and most of all your memories and story. Totally Enchanting……….as usual.

    • For me The Fair was really about the food. The brilliant red candy apples, the smell of fried onions and hamburgers and most of all the spun sugar. One of these days I am going to try making it at home. I have an army of whisks so will sacrifice one by cutting the ends off. Add a strong right arm and who knows what will happen. Virginia

  3. Hello! It is Emma that you met at Angus and Cait’s wedding. The email you gave me did not work. Please shoot me an email!

    • I will admit Christy I have to maintain strong will power not to eat more than one of these little darlings at a time. But if you are going to indulge do it with butter tarts. Virginia

  4. Virginia, I loved your wonderful memories of fair days…we still go to our county fair and it’s fun, even though it’s pretty much the same each year…and your butter tarts look delicious! Thanks for sharing! We just finished dinner, so a butter tart for dessert would be a great closure to our meal! 🙂

  5. Well, Virginia, those tarts made me gain 2 pounds by just looking at them. I think it’s cool that you collect the small town cookbooks. There’s lots of personality in them. Now I’ve got to go eat something. I’m salivating and hungry all of a sudden.

    • One of my favorite small town cookbooks was put out by a group of Mennonite Woman. I don’t even know some of the ingredients they use, but I love reading the cookbook. Virginia

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