Gifts on birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, weddings … those are expected gifts.

But, the most wondrous of gifts are those that arrived unexpectedly.


Someone was vigorously ringing the old-fashioned cast iron bell.

The door was filled flowers – side to side,  towering above me.

Gorgeous gladioli.

A rich tapestry of Renaissance colors.

Gladioli – my birthday flower, but it wasn’t my birthday – yet.


My gardening guru friend Dellis was sharing with me.

Tall, elegant,  grand gladioli.

Flowers  to fill  my home..

An unexpected gift.

The very, very best kind.

15 thoughts on “UNEXPECTED GIFTS

    • Truly Gayle I have an abundance of richness, These gorgeous colours are breathtaking against the deep yellow walls in the my living room. I even managed to tuck a few glads into my bathroom They are elegant no matter what space they grace. V.

  1. To the ancient Romans, a gladius was a sword, and a little sword was a gladiolus — often used by gladiators. The Roman author Pliny the Elder applied the word gladiolus to the flower that is distinguished by its long, sword-shaped leaves, and the name stuck. The theme of the Emily Dickinson text is strength of character:

    “We never know how high we are
    until we are asked to rise
    and then if we are true to plan
    our statures touch the skies —
    The heroism we recite
    would be a common thing
    Did not ourselves the cubits warp
    for fear to be a king.”

    • At this time of the year they are ridiculously inexpensive at the Farmer’s Markets. I thinkt his enormous bunch of glads – 2 doz. barely cost $l0. I simply had to share them with all Janet. V.

  2. These are gorgeous, Virginia, and I also love flowers in the house! Regarding gifts, in our earlier married days, my hubby would send me roses on “our” special days at my work. Not only on the normal holidays, like Valentine’s Day, etc.
    The women I worked with would get so jealous, which wasn’t our intention. But, they really loved the idea that he surprised me on days that were special to us and that I wasn’t expecting anything, either. Anyway, flowers are a beautiful gift and I’ll always take them! 🙂 xx
    p.s. I sent him flowers a few times, too! I felt they and the thought weren’t gender specific! 🙂

    • Your words reminded me of the time I sent my Dad flowers. He was over the moon with the gift of flowers sent for no occasion at all. You have a loving and thoughtful husband Lauren. It shows in your poetry. V.

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