THE SPICES OF LIFE . . . homemade curry powder

Those lovers of exotic flavours. The intrepid, adventurous cook. You who love the fabled stories of The silk Road and camel caravans loaded with precious spices. All of this is here. In your kitchen. You toss red chili peppers, coriander, cumin, and black mustard seeds and black peppercorns in a heated pan. It becomes pure alchemy. This fragrant aromas of spices you have created becomes your personal curry powder. Your Poudre de Curry Maison.

This recipe for curry powder is a blueprint. You add a little more fenugreek seeds. A whisper of ginger. A little more turmeric. Your whole concept of curry power seasoning changes when you make your own.

The inspiration for homemade curry powder comes from the pages of Patricia Wells cookbooks. She is one of my favourite sources for French recipes . I use my homemade curry powder in salad dressings, soups, curries and frequently add just a touch of curry powder at the end of many dishes.

The recipe takes less than 15 minutes to make. Find it in MRS.BUTTERFINGERS kitchen.

8 thoughts on “THE SPICES OF LIFE . . . homemade curry powder

    • I am a fan of curry. Our house dressing is curry flavoured. Making the curry powder really improved the flavours. I hope you enjoy this recipe.
      We are almost neighbours. Although we live a couple of miles away we frequently drive ro Boundary Bay and walk along the dyke. Cheers Virginia

  1. Long-time huge fan of Indian cuisine–but never tried making my own curry powder. Thanks for the inspiration. Glad things have cooled off up there. Hope your garden is in full bloom now! We’re in a rental now, with a small beautiful garden to which I’ve already added four lavender plants. I just can’t get enough of those!

    • Gayle You are going to love your own personal curry mixture. It bears no resemblance to commercial packaged curry. Even the colour is different. Our wild flower garden is literally abuzz with happy bees. I too would rate lavender as one of the most important flowers in ones garden. Cheers Virginia

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