The roaring, wild twenties.

The beginning of jazz.

Women started taking a stand for more equal rights.

And  women abandoned their restrictive clothes and shortened their skirts.

I’m involved in a high school project – The Roaring Twenties.  Fanny the Flapper needs a costume that reflects the era. This is a challenge  for my teen-age friend.  Could I?  Would I?  Help?




Pining and pattern  planning.  I’ve found the fabric – now to make the pattern.  This is fun.




It’s a tiny dress form but the process for making a dress is exactly the same;  facings cut on the bias, pleated skirt and perfectly trimmed edgings.





The dress is finished.   It was part of a bigger project.  Oh yes – the project got an A mark.


  1. AND you design and sew clothing! Fantastic. Multi talented. This really is a gorgeous outfit and i BET you have a hat to lend her as well!! you both have a lovely weekend too! c

    • This was an interesting challenge. The mannequin was so small I couldn’t put a zipper in the dress so I had to be able to pull it over her shoulders and ample front. It was going to be a simple dress but of course I got carried away with piping and pleats. My sweet teen-age friend operates under the assumption that Virginia can do anything. (I designed and sewed seven sailor suits for the Sound of Music for her high-school). So I had to live up to my reputation. The sun is shining here today Celi. The crocuses and daffodils are blooming. It really feels like spring. Hurray. Have a wonderful weekend. V.

  2. I love vintage fashions, used to wear flapper dresses and long necklaces myself–among many other costumes.This is beautiful fabric and how nice of you to help that teen get an A!

  3. YOU……..are such a wonderful friend!………YOU…..are such an incredible woman!…….YOU have such an abundance of gifts and talents!…….YOU are a true Renaissance woman!….YOU are so very special to me and so many others! What wonders you continue to create!!!! XXXOOO

  4. WordPress and I are not getting along these days. Each time I posted a comment on this post it would not post I would go back and and check each day and write another one. Now there are MANY!! Please feel free to deltete some of them!! OMG….the deamons must be out!

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