OLD FASHIONED MEYER LEMON NUT BREAD . . . hold summer in your hand.



When you harvest fresh fruit from a Meyer lemon tree in the dark of winter you hold summer in your hand.   The fragrance of the blossoms.  The glossy leaves shining in the gray light.  Your fingers caressing the finely textured skin.  Then the heavenly taste of the juice –  at once sweet and sour.

You can do many wonderful things with these delicate lemons, but I was  yearning for something classic,  simple,  old fashioned.


I have a cookbook that is a particular favorite.  I have been baking out of it for more than forty years.  A World Of Baking by Dolores Casella has provided me with dozens of quick and yeast bread recipes.  The ingredients are readily available.   The instructions are always brief.  It is expected you already know the basics of baking.

Meyer Lemon Nut Bread  has a fine crumb.  It’s rich tasting,  studded with walnuts and finished with lemon syrup.   When Meyer lemons are not available regular lemons are more than acceptable..  Be lavish with your lemon rind.  This old fashion recipe calls for just a teaspoon but I scrape every bit of rind from the lemons into the batter.

You’ll find the recipe in MRS. BUTTERFINGERS kitchen.

16 thoughts on “OLD FASHIONED MEYER LEMON NUT BREAD . . . hold summer in your hand.

  1. I am so pleased to come across your blog. Hard to believe but we import lemons from the U.S. here in New Zealand at $9 a kilogram. The equivalent to about $13 U.S.! Seems ridiculous to me when in the North Island ( I live in the South Island) they are falling off the trees at the moment. A recipe to try this weekend. Yum! Thanks!

    • Lucky lucky you!! My lemon tree spends the summer outdoors but must be moved into the house during the winter. It was a Mother’s Day gift from my son so I cherish it and treat it like gold.

  2. It must be a sign for me to lemon bread as this is the second post in a couple of days with a mention of Meyers lemons. I don’t know if we can get them here as there is just one choice but I will check. I love anything with lemon and especially lemon bread. I will surely try yours and with walnuts instead of the usual pecans. The top photo is truly summer in your hands! How special to have lemons from a tree that your son gave you. Cheers!

    • I don’t what I like more – the fragrance of the flowers – and it is sublime or the fruit. Hmmm… but then soo many good things to do with lemons. Make this bread with regular lemons it is delish!! Happy baking dear Jo Nell. XX Virginia

  3. Last weekend I made this but used pecans as I did not have walnuts and did not want to wait to bake. It was great! I don’t usually put a syrup on my lemon bread recipes because they are too sugary but yours was just right and I could taste the fresh lemon, Walnuts are on my grocery list for next time. Perfect with coffee or just a dinner dessert!

    • Pecan !! Perfect Jo Nell. You made the lemon loaf your own. I agree with you about the sugary syrup. I felt the same way. Simply mixing sugar and lemon juice together gives that too much sugar taste. Making it into a syrup changes that. XX Virginia

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